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Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

We are amongst the leading Hair transplants Clinic in Turkey for FUE Sapphire hair transplant. We carry out aesthetic procedures in a 5-star hospital. By adding some twist to the method, a Sapphire hair transplant uses Sapphire blades than steel blades for greater accuracy. Many like to select Sapphire Follicular Unit Extraction or FUE in Turkey for hair transplant. It can provide additional precision which leads to significant effect on the results.

Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

Benefits of Sapphire FUE Hair Transplant

Sapphire FUE hair transplant provides many benefits in comparison to other hair transplant methods. This can add extra precision for getting optimum results. Following are some benefits of Sapphire hair transplant:

  • Virtually invisible scars for natural appearance.
  • Minimal pain after the treatment.
  • Less downtime which enables to return to normal life.
  • Ensure natural-looking hairline in the desired shape.
  • Less risk of complications with other treatment.

The surface of sapphire blades is quite smooth and the cuts have been made with the help of it. They are just perfect with less tissue damage. The factor of smoother incisions is extremely important for speedy recovery.

As sapphire blades ends are of V-shape, it will let the doctors to prepare for frequent incisions. This allows for getting natural results due to FUE hair transplant. Now, the angle at which there are incisions with sapphire blades should be adjusted in a better way than conventional methods.

The transplanted hair direction is necessary due to natural appearance. Metal allergy is a common thing and the use of sapphire blades will affect the results of hair transplantation in a positive way. As sapphire blades surface is smooth, there is the possibility of germs which attaches the surface and lessens the risk of infection.

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What are some Features of Sapphire Hair Transplantation Method?

Well, sapphire hair transplantation is a new procedure than the other methods. The blades are used for eyebrow, beard and moustache transplantation as they enable opening of dense channels in several directions.

The procedure is often preferred over other methods due to effective results. This is a feature of this method with quicker healing.

How can we put Sapphire Hair Transplantation on the individuals?

Due to increase in aesthetic concerns of individuals, this may lead to aesthetic operations for exponentially. In case of men, sapphire hair transplantation is the most popular kind of FUE hair transplantation method which is commonly applied aesthetic method.

Firstly, the hair for transplantation can be extracted from the donor area of individual. This is usually done with a micro FUE method where micro punches and micro motor are used.

Using of micro motors will lead to the result of sapphire hair transplantation become natural and denser. This allows higher number of grafts or follicular unit to be taken from donor area time within a short span of time.

FUE hair transplantation surgery can be done with micro motors, known as “Micro FUE hair transplantation”. There is manual punch used for some individuals due to graft extraction.

After the extraction method is over, the doctors use sapphire blades for opening channels in the frequency, direction and desired angle. This is among the most vital stages of sapphire hair transplant.

During the third and final stage, there is the beginning of implantation method. Your hair follicles will then be taken from donor area which will be lodged into the micro incisions with sapphire blades. This way, the sapphire hair transplantation method will be done.

The procedure can lessen the damage of tissue in hair follicles at the transplantation phase and the healing process will require short time. Other than this, tissue trauma, unusual wound and swelling (oedema) can be found at a minimum level.

One of the major benefits of sapphire hair transplantation is that the width and depth of the incisions are even. In this way, we can prevent shallow or deep incisions which reduces success rate of hair transplantation.

DHI Hair Transplant For Men

Why Choose Us for Sapphire Hair Transplant?

  • State-of-the-art medical equipments and facilities
  • Expert medical team of qualified doctors and surgeons
  • Located in Central Istanbul, Turkey
  • Top quality standards in patient care and service
  • Procedure costs are affordable and less
  • Proper accommodation with onward travel
  • Reputable choice for the medical tourists
Anaesthetic Local anaesthetic
Procedure Timing 8 to 10 hours
Recovery Time Minimal downtime
Accommodation & Transfer It is included

Procedure of Sapphire Hair Transplant in Istanbul, Turkey

Suitability for a Sapphire Hair Transplant

It may be sapphire hair transplant is not a good option for everyone with certain factors that determine their eligibility. During the consultation session for this treatment, our surgeons will conduct thorough discussion before the final decision. The three factors to decide suitability of a candidate are:

Cause of Baldness

The conditions for hair loss are – alopecia marginalis, alopecia and traction alopecia. This makes it a suitable option for a Sapphire hair transplant in Istanbul. When you experience hair loss in the localized areas due to trauma, burns and scars, this can also make you the right candidate for the procedure.

Donor Hair Density

When your hair is being extracted from donor sites, it is essential to have some parts of dense hair on your scalp. The method of a FUE Sapphire transplant is about hair extraction from donor site to problematic areas. So, you will need sufficient hair in this part.

Beginnings of hair thinning

Sapphire FUE hair transplant is a great option for men and women who have begun to lose their hair though hair density is still high. The procedure of hair transplant is done without disturbing hair follicles in comparison to FUE method.

Aftercare & Recovery Time of a Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey

  • The downtime is nominal after your treatment.
  • It is quite normal to face soreness or slight swelling in the areas during the treatment which will fade over a few days.
  • We provide each patient with aftercare kit that includes lot of information on how to look after transplanted hairs. This will help to attain the best possible results from the treatment.
  • The kit consists of all the products you require such as – creams, shampoos, painkillers and antibacterial serums. These have been designed exclusively to be gentle on your scalp for shortening healing time.
  • You may expect to see transplanted hair shred for almost 3 to 4 weeks following Sapphire FUE hair transplant. The stage is quite normal which won’t leave any effect on the final results of the treatment. This will get back within a few months.
  • By getting optimal results of Sapphire FUE treatment in Turkey at our clinic, this may require almost one year. You will find considerable changes within 4 to 6 months of the treatment.

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Sapphire Hair Transplants Packages in Turkey

There isn’t any price listing on our website, and patients need to go for a consultation session before to know about the overall expenses. This is much standard practice and the clinic still ensures fair pricing. Certain things that come as a part of standard package are:

  • 5-Star Seafront Hotel
  • Procedure Cost
  • VIP transfers
  • Pre-op Consultations

The level of luxury at the facility and the accommodation is above and it is much beyond in most clinics in Turkey. This will create unique experience for the patients. There are handy transfers which seem to be great addition to standard package so that everything goes in a smooth way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Despite of following the similar process identifying the differences only between them can guide you to make the best decision in order to get desirable results. In FUE method, surgeon has to implant the grafts manually and separately while DHI makes use of special tool for incision and implantation of small grafts. Seek expert advice during the consultation to choose the best approach for your hair restoration treatment.

Certain food substances such as – Aspirin, Green tea or other stimulants need to be avoided for 10 days before performing the surgery. Other than this, smoking and alcohol should not be taken.

After undergoing the surgery successfully, the transplanted hair will grow completely after 12 months. There will be no special attention and proper maintenance is needed apart from normal care.

The donor area for hair follicles can be your head back, nape of the neck or a part where the growth of hair is healthy. Each hair transplant method we conduct is carried out with your body hair.

The most suitable thing about a FUE hair transplant is that you can attain permanent results. The hair will grow within a few weeks and it will be natural and thick according to your desire.

We are among the top in FUE hair transplants in the industry that have helped to educate the public and enhance awareness of hair loss options for both men and women. All our treatments are minimally invasive and very effective.

During Sapphire FUE hair transplant method, we thrive to provide natural and permanent result for hair growth within a few weeks on completion of surgery. Go with our Sapphire FUE treatment to obtain healthier, fuller and thicker hair.

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