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Best Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Thousands of men and women have undergone hair transplants, and you might be wondering what the cost of this procedure is.

Today's post will tell you all you need to know about hair transplants and how much it cost.

Hair transplant type

Price range in Turkey

Price range in the UK

Price range in Europe

Price range in America

FUE hair transplant

€1799 – €2500

£4690 – £10090

€3450 – €4850


DHI hair transplant

€ 2490 – € 4000

£ 10600 – £ 13090

€ 5550 – € 31190


Manuel FUE transplant

€3490 – €5990

£15750 – £30090

€12700 – €41390


Sapphire FUE transplant

€1999 – €4990

£5750 – £14090

€4700 – €6300

$13900 – $12590

The table above gives the price range of hair transplants in countries where these procedures are available. So prices are higher than others, likely due to location. In Europe, people who need hair transplants have to pay per graft, and it is pricey.

In some countries, hair transplant clinics offer what is known as All-Inclusive Packages, which covers accommodation, transfers, and medications.

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If a hair transplant is less expensive, does it mean it's of less quality?

Not necessarily. Since the number of hair transplant providers has increased, the competition has made some clinics bring down their cost for hair transplants. This is more like a strategy for marketing their services. However, the expertise may still be great. On your part, you can dig in to know how well a hair transplant clinic is qualified to offer the treatment so you don't pay less and get less or pay more and get a poor treatment outcome.

What is an All-Inclusive package?

This has to do basically with the price. Yes, it means the price covers the following:

  • All medications needed before, during and post surgery
  • Transfers from airport to hotel and hotel to clinic
  • A stay in a top hotel - 4- or 5-star hotel
  • A translator that knows your local language
  • Zero-cost postcard services online

In any of these countries you hope to travel to for a hair transplant, you can call ahead to know if their hair transplant clinic offers this kind of package. It will help you prepare well and know what to expect when you land.

What factors determine how much you'll pay for a hair transplant?

  • The experience of the doctor: So many doctors in many different clinics offer hair transplants. Not all these clinics will charge the same fee. Very qualified and experienced surgical experts make the top of the price list. A good way to choose is checking reviews of the doctor and clinic, and their track records.
  • Hotel accommodations: The All-Inclusive Packages offer the best hotel accommodations like 4-star or 5-star hotels. Picking a 4-star hotel could save you some money, or you may decide to enjoy the luxury of a 5-star hotel. The choice is yours. But for clinics that don't offer this package, where you stay throughout your surgery will either increase or lower your overall hair transplant cost.
  • Method of hair transplant: There are multiple methods used by surgeons to transplant hair. Those advanced techniques which involve special devices will cost more. The price may vary a little following the method and material chosen for the treatment.
  • Number of grafts: Some clinics may charge for each graft, others may not. So, it is for you to find out how many grafts you will need in total so you can calculate the total cost before the surgery. In the UK, you can get a hair transplant for few thousand pounds

Why you should come to Turkish Hair Transplants

We have highly experienced doctors committed to delivering premium quality hair transplants all the time. Throughout your surgical treatment, every phase is under monitoring, and your medical file will have the records.

Our operation rooms are spotlessly clean, sterilised and hygienic. This is mandatory in Turkish Hair Transplant.

There is a monthly training of our staff on emergency and cardiopulmonary resuscitation to make them well prepared for the unexpected.

Thanks to our unique and professional work culture, all our patients are happy people. Their reviews will tell you more about how dedicated we are to providing only the best surgical procedures and post-care.

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Our post-care service

Taking time to heal after surgery is very important. The outcome of a hair transplant is not evident right after the treatment; it's not like the many other surgeries done to improve aesthetics. So, after your transplant, our staff are committed to help you through the recovery phase. You will be under close monitoring, and should you have any concerns, they will be addressed as quickly as possible.

Would you like to know more about the cost for a hair transplant? Feel free to schedule an appointment with us today.

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