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Treating Hair Loss with Mesotherapy in Turkey

At our Turkey Hair Transplant clinic, we wash the scalp and comb hair with higher frequency to stimulate circulation in your scalp. After the treatment, the placenta serum along with Dermapen Mesotherapy will be applied to activate hair follicles and further growth.

About Mesotherapy

Hair Treatment done with Mesotherapy is believed to be minimally invasive for getting rid of pain. The treatment is done with injecting some mixtures having amino acids, vitamins and minerals as well as growth factors in your skin. It can act with the production of cell regeneration in which it will be injected.

It is among necessary methods in medical aesthetics in the years. Some application areas are – skin tightening, eliminating cellulite, treat scars and spots, avoid loss of hair, lessen fat tissue in some parts and reshape your body. There are different formulas and drugs which can be used for each kind of application.

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Mesotherapy treatment for Hair Loss in Turkey

After seeing the condition of hair loss, our therapists plan for a suitable course of action with oral supplements and shampoo for making scalp strong.

The scalp underly radiation from laser of lower level for reinforcing new growth of hair. This will be followed by scalp massage for supporting scalp to absorb serum completely. The hair experts will apply 10 to 20 sessions for attaining the most satisfying results.

Our Patients get these Services

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We provide 2 nights and 3 days accommodation in one of our contracted excellent hotels

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Medicines and Shampoos

The Ministry of Health has approved medicines and shampoos to patients in a bundle.

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Certificate of Warranty

Certificate of warranty proves that the surgery is done in Erdem Clinic for our post-op patients.

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VIP Transfer

There is VIP transfer service for patients in between our Hospital-airport-hotel.

PRP Treatment
PRP Treatment

Free PRP injections during the transplant for all of our patients

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Translation Service

Patients will be met by the translators at airport and then accompanied by them till the departure.

How can mesotherapy be applied?

Mesotherapy can be done with infections to your affected areas. Local anaesthesia is given to the application site before the injection. The doctor can help to determine the amount of mixture for injection and mesotherapy will be injected beneath the skin after that.

How mesotherapy can help in hair regrowth?

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical method for the regrowth of your hair. The treatment can provide scalp with increase in Vitamin and improve flow of blood for hair regrowth. It can help in treating bald patches and further stimulate hair follicles to get positive results in men and women.

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How much time will mesotherapy last in the hair?

The time period usually depends on hair condition of individual and overall health condition. If you want to achieve better results that will last for sometime, then you should perform the therapy for at least once in a year during four months.

How painful can hair mesotherapy be?

Patients who need to perform mesotherapy for their hair regrowth usually suffer from some discomfort and minimal pain than other methods. This makes it a suitable option to do away from excess hair fall.

Some benefits of mesotherapy on hair

  • Mesotherapy is very useful in comparison to topical hair care treatments
  • It is instrumental for the protection of your hair
  • It provides vitality, shine and volume to the hair
  • It can help to strengthen and thicken hair strands
  • It helps to extend the life of hair
  • It preserves hair color and prevents from bleaching
  • The results can be attained successfully when it is applied against dandruff

What are some side effects of mesotherapy?

There aren’t any extreme side effects with mesotherapy. You may suffer from itching for oedema and allergic reactions, in rare cases.

How many times does a person need to undergo mesotherapy after the sapphire hair transplant?

Our clinic considers it to be a beneficial option to undergo hair mesotherapy for at least 8 to 12 months in several sessions. This is an appropriate option according to the physician from the 1st month after sapphire hair transplantation and one month ahead, depending on the medications in the treatment. The frequency of application will differ from one person to the other. When it is done by experienced physicians, the successful results can be obtained from the treatment.

Who is suitable candidate for mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy can be done for patients who suffer from hair loss, sudden loss of hair from diet or genetic predisposition to hair loss. The results can be obtained successfully from the procedure. It is very effective in people who complain about worn and weak hair. Mesotherapy is a suitable choice for people of all age group. It is used safely in patients who suffer from autoimmune diseases such as PRP treatment.

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Who is not the right candidate for mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is not a suitable treatment for patients who have diabetes, cancer, use anticoagulants and are breastfeeding women. Many patients who need to perform mesotherapy treatment have to talk to the doctor about certain medications they take and diseases they hve or re already having.

What will be the cost for hair Mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is not very costly in comparison to other kinds of hair loss procedures like hair transplant surgeries. But it will be determined after the consultation session only as to how much you can spend on the treatment. At this point of time, your overall condition will be assessed carefully and the price will differ from one person to the other.

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FAQs– Mesotherapy in Turkey

Absolutely! But it has to be done by an expert in hair treatment; else, you may not enjoy the full benefits of the treatment. So much success has been recorded with mesotherapy treatment for those losing their hair. It has a 90 percent efficacy compared to similar treatments.

The outcome of mesotherapy is not long-lived. The microinjections excite the mesoderm to start working to produce more hair and stop hair loss; however, when it has been disintegrated in the body, there won't be any outcome again.

You can get your hair back with any of these procedures as they work very well. That said, we usually examine each person's hair condition closely to determine professionally which treatment will be a perfect fit. If it happens that mesotherapy hair is what you need, just relax because you are in safe hands at the Turkey Hair Transplant.

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