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Female Hair Transplant Turkey

Women hair transplant is performed routinely before the procedure became the mainstream in UK and worldwide. There should be good investment for cutting-edge technology and good hospitals in Turkey mean they are better than other countries.

Before performing female hair transplant in Istanbul, the level and reason of hair loss should be detected. There should be 100 to 150 strands each day for an adult, on an average. But some women face extensive loss of hair which might indicate some problem. The reasons for hair loss in women seem to be somewhat different than men.

Female Hair Transplant Turkey

About Female Hair Transplant Turkey

Hair loss in women might be quite stressful as the hair of women is a major component of their physical appearance. Turkey is the right place for treating hair loss of women. This is a suitable option for women who want reliable medical services to restore hair loss of female with cosmetic procedure.

Some causes of female hair loss might be – anemia, alopecia areata, hypothyroidism, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), androgenetic alopecia, excessive styling, lupus, chemotherapy, giving birth and skin conditions. Despite by the one it occurs, the most suitable hair loss treatment for women is female hair transplant in Turkey. But the method for hair transplant has been aimed at hair loss of women which seem to be extremely complex than that of men and difficult to attain proper results. So, accurate diagnosis of the cause is vital before performing hair loss treatment. Hair transplant should be done to female patients in a suitable way for the surgery.

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Reasons women suffer from hair loss


The loss of hair in women happens due to hormones. Though 1 in every 4 women suffers from hair loss normally, 1 in every 2 women experiences hair loss at the time of menopause. Dihydrotestosterone or DHT hormone is a derivative of testosterone hormone which can lead to hair loss.

Deficiency of mineral and vitamin

One of the common problems in women is anaemia and deficiency of iron which leads to loss of hair. Your body won’t be able to produce haemoglobin for iron deficiency. Also, the deficiency of zinc may cause hair loss. Keratin has a vital role in the growth and repair of your hair. The following vitamin values are necessary for your hair health.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • B3, B7 (Biotin), B9 (Folic Acid), B12
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E

Haemoglobin: This helps cell growth in the body and carries oxygen to the blood.

Genetic factors

Androgenetic Alopecia is a common problem found in women after they are 40. Androgenetic Alopecia is usually genetic and the problem is common at the top part of your scalp. This is gradual hair thinning in comparison to baldness. It is quite significant at the top and in front of hair while the front hairline remains preserved. There is slight loss of hair in the temporal region though this is less than in case of men.

Nearly 13% pre-menopausal women have reported the symptoms of androgenetic alopecia. So, the prevalence of androgenetic alopecia will increase after menopause and almost 75% women may be impacted after 65 years.

Improper diet

Improper diet might be the reason for deficiency in vitamin and lead to problems in your immune system. This can make your hair weak and cause loss of hair.

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Classification of Female Hair Loss

Ludwig Classification can categorise hair loss of female. Female hair loss may be divided into 3 groups having Ludwig Classification.

Type 1

During this stage, the loss of hair remains at low level. For women, there will be no change in hairline and the problem of hair loss may be hardly visible. The hair loss begins at the front section and top of head. The hair loss happens at the partition in this kind of hair loss but the bald parts will become much more visible.

Type 2

Hair loss usually remains at normal level in this stage. Women might suffer from volume loss, hair thinning and expand the area of hair loss at this stage. With hair transplant surgery for type 2, this is a good option as per the intensity of hair loss.

Type 3

This stage has been categorized in the form of extensive loss of hair. Your hair is very thin and the scalp becomes visible with bald areas clearly seen. During this stage, hair loss may get worse according to certain factors such as common loss of hair, excess thinning and loss of your health appearance.

How can female hair transplant be done in Turkey?

The hair at your head back between two ears is what we call donor hair. The thick hair will be collected and then implanted at the front. There are 2 different methods for female hair transplant and these are – long hair transplants and no-shave hair transplants. The entire procedure for the two hair transplant is the same. But the only difference between them is:

Long hair transplant

Your hair will not be shaved and donor hair is collected in the form of long hair. After this, long hair gets implanted in long form. You can view the ultimate result after transplant.

No-shave hair transplant

Your hair will be collected with shave 5 to 10 cm from donor area. The hair at the top won’t be cut and the area remains covered. Now the shaved hair from donor area is being collected and implanted to bald part in short form.

The surgery requires almost 7 hours. The roots of hair will be collected in 3 hours, the channels remain opened in 1 hour and the roots are then transferred to channels within 3 hours. The time duration will show the difference between individuals and patients are operated under local anaesthesia without any kind of pain.

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All-inclusive package consist of:

Transplant with certificate of guarantee

The treatment for hair transplant is within our guarantee and for any unforeseen event, you are given hair transplant for free of cost.

Maximum hair grafts with FUE hair transplant

You experience hair transplant that deliver natural looking results from reputable specialists. They provide top quality service and affordable pricing at our clinic.

Special group discount

You and your friend will get benefited from special discount for bringing them with you during hair transplant treatment.

PRP treatment

PRP improves healing process and there is the combination of PRP therapy along with hair transplant. You will have quick recovery and the transplanted hair follicles will be stimulated and vitalized.

Accomodation at 4-star Hotel

Even if it is big or small procedure, it will require proper resting for complete recovery. So, we ensure you have comfortable stay till your departure.

Transfer with the help of VIP car

The moment you reach Turkey, you will be greeted at the airport and then they bring you to the hotel for your convenient journey.

International Patient Hosting

With different country and of course, different people, the international hosting will be reachable within 24 hours. They will also accompany you at the medical travel.

Medicines, shampoo and lotion

Some medicines like anti-edema, antibiotic and pain killers, lotions and shampoo are needed after hair transplant for each patient.

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Results of Female Hair Transplant in Turkey

After performing female hair transplant at our clinic, you can attain the following results:

  • Attractive look
  • Natural and thick hair
  • Improve confidence level
  • Try out different hair styles

Price for Female Hair Transplant

The cost of female hair transplant in Turkey depends on the applied process. Both DHI and FUE methods may be used in case of women. The hair transplant for women looks like normal transplant though it is completely different. You need to contact our expert who will help know the difference. So, hair transplant for female has more pricing than other methods.

Cost of Female Hair Transplant

  • They are 30-50% more in comparison to normal FUE hair transplant.
  • These seem to be 30-40% high than usual DHI hair transplant.

For example:

When the cost of FUE hair transplant is 1,500 Euro, the price of FUE hair transplant will be somewhere between 1,800 Euro – 2,000 Euro.

If the price of DHI hair transplant seems to be 1,800 Euro, the cost of DHI hair transplant for female is between 2,000 Euro – 2,200 Euro.

What is the rate of success of hair transplant for women?

According to studies, the success rate of hair transplant for women seems to be lower than men. The reason behind this is though hair loss of female is somewhat similar to that of male, it is absolutely different. So, women should undergo special hair transplant surgery. When an experienced surgeon performs hair transplant surgery for female, the success rate may be 99%. Our clinic works with experienced people who can perform female hair transplant operation.

What are some differences between male and female hair transplant?

  • Mostly, women suffer from hair loss at the front and the middle. The hair present between two ears usually don’t fall and there is slight loss of hair than complete hair loss.
  • After performing female hair transplant, our clinic will do the first wash within 3 days after the surgery. The patient will wash hair at home during the next 10 days as per the instructions of the surgeon. There will be loss of implanted hair after 2 weeks and new hair begins to grow in 3 months after the surgery. The hair become voluminous during the end of 8 to 12 months.
  • The hair loss for female might occur due to goitre disease or anemia which is somewhat different from that of men. These are cases when hair transplant won’t offer any benefit before treating your medical condition. So, the implanted hair might be lost again.
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