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Women’s Hair Loss Treatment in Turkey

Hair loss is not something very common in women when compared to men. Nearly, 30% women suffer from the problem of hair loss during their lifetime. The problem may happen among 25% of women in the age group of 35 to 40 years. Besides, most women who are within 50 to 60 years face hair loss due to menopause.

About Female Hair Loss

Hair loss in women may be something stressful as their hair is a major component of their physical appearance. Turkey provides feasible option for women who want reliable medical services for getting back hair loss of female with a cosmetic surgery. Turkey is among the best places for female hair loss treatment.

Some causes of female hair loss include – alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, hypothyroidism, anemia, chemotherapy, giving birth, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), lupus, skin conditions and excessive styling. The best hair loss treatment for women is called female hair transplant but the method for women’s hair loss is more complex than men and hard to attain equal results. So, accurate diagnosis is vital before performing any hair loss treatment. Hair transplant should be applied only to female patients in suitable conditions for the surgery.

What are the signs of hair loss?

It may not be easy for a woman to know she is losing hair. The tell-tale signs are many including:

  • Thinning hair especially on the crown and hairline
  • Hair loss happens few months after childbirth
  • Clumps of hair fall out as you comb
  • Should you be thinking of a solution to hair loss, an early start will be more effective than a late start. Your type of hair loss can be treated at London Hair Transplant.

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Who should perform Female Hair Loss Transplantation?

A good percentage of women are suffering from female pattern hair loss for several reasons. Though some may overcome this problem on their own, huge proportion need to look for a permanent solution for their hair loss. This is usually hair transplant for women. You should find out whether you are the right candidate for female hair transplant:

  • Women who restore thinning hairline,
  • Women who suffer from hair loss due to traction or mechanical alopecia,
  • Women who have had plastic or cosmetic surgery in the past and are worried about hair loss around incision sites,
  • Women who experience hair loss due to scarring, burning or trauma.
  • Women who suffer from hair loss after face lift or other cosmetic methods,
  • Women who suffer from alopecia marginalis.
  • Women who have distinct pattern of baldness which is known as female pattern baldness.

Hair loss types in Women

Ranging from benign to chronic, there are varying cases of hair loss. These are caused by different factors. Let's discuss some of the hair loss types and how you can fix them.

  1. Severe stress (Telogen Effluvium): Though temporary, this hair loss pattern makes the entire hair thin out. Experiences like childbirth are the reason for this type of hair loss. Here, some hair follicles are shocked, and so they progress from the growth phase to the testing phase. This typically takes place 3 months after the woman must have gone through the experience responsible for it, including diet pills, abortion, childbirth, certain medications, the use or discontinuation of birth control.
    You can use our expert services to be guided on this kind of hair loss.
  1. Diffuse hair loss (severe telogen effluvium): The same factors responsible for telogen effluvium are responsible for diffuse hair loss, but in the latter case, the loss of hair is extended. This is because whatever is causing the loss of hair is still untreated, and as such, the problem progresses to severe.
    In treating this issue, the solution has to be very functional, and the pre-existing cause of the hair loss must also be treated.
    The following medical conditions can cause diffuse hair loss: anaemia, stress, side effects of medication and thyroid issues.
  1. Alopecia Areata: This problem is well known to be responsible for hair loss that looks patchy. It may happen without notice and result in bald circular patches. An autoimmune disease (where healthy cells are mistaken for foreign materials by the immune system) is the typical cause of this issue. Consequently, the immune system fights against hair follicles.
    Patchy hair loss may show up on any part of the head; however, it can rapidly become worse. This will cause the hair on the body and scalp to be lost entirely. Early treatment will be best for this condition to help your hair grow again.
  1. Traction alopecia: When the hair roots are steadily pressurised, sometimes because of tight weaves, braids, or excessive application of hair extensions, it causes a type of hair loss called traction alopecia. Here, there is damage to the hair follicles, which makes hair not to be found around the hairlines and temples - what we see is just fluffy hair.
    When you are always wearing a ponytail or hairpiece in a particular direction, that area may suffer patchy hair loss. This issue is most common in women; however, men can experience it as well.
  1. Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS): In the UK about 1 in 5 women are believed to have this issue. It is a hormone problem that puts particularly the endocrine levels in an abnormal condition which results in hormonal imbalances.
    People that have this problem see a rise in their androgens, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels. When DHT is on the high, they enclose the hair follicles and stop hair from growing. This is also referred to a form of alopecia.

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Hair Loss in Women

Female pattern hair loss is the common hair loss type in women and it gets more prevalent due to age factor. Women who experience hair loss feel psychological distress and avoid social interactions. Hair loss has a major impact on women and studies show nearly two-thirds of postmenopausal women have thinning hair or baldness. The partial hair loss happens gradually and the loss may spread from the top of head. There are certain medications and topical treatments for female hair loss. But they do not offer a permanent solution to hair loss in women. With hair transplantation for women, it renders satisfying results for female hair restoration. The amount women like to spend in purchasing ineffective cosmetic products for their hair loss is much less than the cost of female hair transplant.

Hair Loss Causes in Women

  • Each woman suffers from hair loss in 3 to 6 weeks after delivery.
  • Improper nutrition, deficiencies in iron, zinc, biotin or protein, higher intake of animal fats and huge weight loss.
  • Environmental pollutants in water and air.
  • Hormonal changes like increase in the estrogen levels which can lead to significant hair loss.
  • Frequent color changes, perms or discolorations.

Different Ways to Prevent Hair Loss in Women

There are certain precautions to prevent hair loss for women who suffer from female pattern hair loss. Those who have had female hair transplant have been suggested to take necessary instructions listed below so that they may not lose hair again:
  • Do not practice hair-pulling hairstyles like ponytails, bobbins or braids as they put lots of pressure on hair and cause damage to follicles.
  • Eat foods which are rich in vitamin which include – Vitamin B12, zinc and iron through the diet or by taking nutritional supplements for promoting your hair growth.
  • Look for heat-using appliances such as brush dryers and curling iron. When using them, keep them at a low temperature and apply heat protection spray for the curls.
  • Stop overdoing with chemical processes like dyeing, lightening hair color or ironing, to damage hair stems.
  • Contact a dermatologist and know about the causes of hair loss with customized solution to prevent it.

Hair Transplantation Treatment for Women

There are different methods for hair transplant for women’s hair loss. At Turkey Hair Transplant, we mainly specialise in FUE transplantation method. It is a suitable option for women who want a permanent treatment for hair loss. The FUE method includes removal of hair follicles from the donor area.

The follicles will then be implanted in recipient area where individual suffers from hair loss. These small groups of hair follicles get extracted by means of a hollow needle from part of scalp with hair. An important benefit is that it is a safe method to restore female pattern hair loss without any scars or long-term wounds.

Another procedure suggested for women is DHI technique. It will not require to shave donor area which is a major benefit for women. When an individual has thick donor area which is almost 5000 hair roots, it may be extracted in one surgery without hair cutting.

Female Hair Loss in Turkey: Suitable Solution for Hair Loss in Women

When it is about hair loss in women, the advanced medical technology offers effective solutions to different causes of female hair loss. But it is quite possible to say it occurs due to lifestyle, hormonal and heredity. So, female hair implantation is now a suitable option for hair loss in women.

Nowadays, more women want to do female hair transplant and Turkey is a popular choice for this procedure. We are having thousands of satisfying female hair transplant results and we provide suitable opportunities at affordable prices.

If you are one of them and want to do female hair restoration; then you may contact us by booking our consultation form online.

Our All-Inclusive Female Hair Loss Package:

Transplant with Guarantee Certificate

We provide complete guarantee for your hair transplant method. When there is any kind of malpractice, you will be offered hair transplant free of cost.

Maximum hair grafts with FUE hair transplant

You will get natural looking results from hair transplant with our specialists. We provide high quality service and affordable prices at our Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic.

Special Group Discount

You as well as your friend will be benefitted from special discount for bringing them with you during hair transplant.

PRP Treatment

PRP improves the healing process and with the combination of PRP treatment and hair transplant. You will have quick recovery and the transplanted hair follicles will be stimulated as well as vitalized.

Accomodation at a 4-star Hotel

When performing any procedure whether big or small, it will need efficient resting for complete recovery. So, Turkey Hair Transplant ensures you enjoy your comfortable stay at the hotel till your departure.

Transfer with VIP car

The moment you arrive at Turkey, you will be welcomed at the airport and they will bring you to the hotel for making your journey convenient.

International Patient Host

Your international host will reach within 24 hours and accompany you at your medical travel.

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Medical shampoo, medicines, lotion, etc.

Medicines such as – antibiotic, anti-edema, pain killers, lotions and special shampoo are needed for each patient after hair transplant.

Results of Female Hair Loss Treatment in Turkey

At the end of female hair transplant, you will achieve these results;

  • Attractive look
  • Natural and thick hair
  • Improve self-confidence
  • Try out different hair styles

Cost of Female Hair Loss treatment in Turkey

The price of Hair fall treatment in Turkey may be somewhere from £1250 to £2950. Once the procedure is done, you will need at least 3 to 4 weeks of recovery time. You may suffer from some pain and swelling in the injected area. The doctors will prescribe medication to get rid from the pain which seem to be extremely helpful.

The outcome of our Hair Loss treatment in Women

Ours is a treatment that has met and exceeded the expectations of our clients. The difference before and after treating patients' hair loss is always clear. You too can enjoy our great services at London Hair Implants.

FAQs of Women hair Loss

When hair falls off a part of our body or head, it is called hair loss. This is a normal occurrence and between 50 to 100 hairs can be lost in a day and we wouldn't know.

There are permanent types of hair loss such as the pattern baldness in men and women, however this one is hereditary. Hair loss that is non-permanent can be due to stress, loss of weight, or health condition.

So many reasons can be highlighted to cause women's hair loss including alopecia, thinning and chronic stress. Most commonly, women lose hair 3 months after childbirth.

Hair loss could be in the genes or brought on by some medication. Need to be certain what's causing your hair loss? Speak with any of our experts.

At Turkey Hair Transplants, we have a number of procedures that can resolve hair loss issues regardless of how severe it is or if it's just starting. Our treatment include: laser hair growth, platelet rich plasma (PRP) and hair transplant (FUE).

You will regrow your hair and regain your self-esteem and beauty after we are done restoring your lost hair. As a young woman if you lose your hair, you will not be happy, sometimes depression can set in.

Following how serious your hair loss is, we can employ the best methods to treat it because we have the finesse and experience.

At your consultation and treatment, you'll get to understand our focus: improving blood circulation to the scalp, existing hair follicles, and natural regrowth of hair.

Yes, but it comes down to your treatment type. Overall, postcare will help sustain your new results. For instance, a hair transplant treatment postcare will be professional washing for 10 days. Need to know more, get in touch with us now.

According to research, blood flow in the scalp which is above two and a half times lesser in young men is the reason for male pattern baldness.

Studies also show that when growth factors are highlighted and included to improve the growth of blood vessels, it can add to the size of hair follicles, make hair fuller and thicker, and build blood vessels and capillaries in hair follicles.

It's simple. Just reach us. Our consultation is complementary and fee of charge with no obligation . While booking, tell us the type of hair loss you have and the treatment you desire. When it comes to the treatment of hair loss for women, we are one of the best specialists around.

We hope you found this post helpful. Remember we are your London Hair Transplants - your number one hair treatment experts that are ready and available to restore lost hair of varying degrees. See you soon.

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