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Female FUE Hair Transplant Turkey

We offer female FUE hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey at cost effective prices than UK. Nearly 1 in every 3 women will suffer from some kind of hair loss in their life. But the thought of females losing hair has major impact attached to it. Women who experience hair loss will require some kind of confidentiality and private place to solve hair loss issues. This is what Turkey Hair Transplant provides to you.

We will give you the type of hair transplant method you will require for restoring confidence level. Our hair transplant treatment is done by using state-of-the-art equipments and technologies in Istanbul, Turkey with aftercare facilities. Feel free to book your online consultation session with us at the Turkey clinic in Istanbul and we will discuss about your requirements for female FUE hair transplant treatment.

About FUE Hair transplant for females

Follicular unit extraction or FUE hair transplants should be performed by taking hair follicles individually from the skin. After this, they will be implanted somewhere else on the body for making your hair appear thicker.

FUE had been meant to replace follicular unit transplantation or FUT method. The treatment was performed with complete piece of scalp or skin with hair follicles. It will then transplant your skin on the target area.

FUE treatment has gained popularity than FUT as it is less probable for giving hair plug appearance. The other parts of hair or skin won’t match with the adjacent parts and won’t create large scars like FUT.

The suitable candidate for FUE hair transplant is the one who has baldness or thin hair and still has sufficient hair for transplant.

You might not be eligible for FUE hair transplant when you do not have sufficient or thick hair for transplantation to balding or thinning area.

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Our FUE Hair Transplant Treatment for female

Turkey hair Transplants has been dedicated to offering the best quality treatments that delivers long-lasting results. We have invested in Sapphire Hair Transplant method that uses new medical devices to provide the best possible results of FUE.

This procedure can be used to grab the follicles for relocating to an area of hair loss. The sapphire FUE hair transplant chooses V-shaped sapphire and blade in comparison to original U shaped blade. This enables the opening of V-shaped canals across the scalp causing small incisions and leaving less tissue damage to your skin.

  • Lessen the risk of rebleeding
  • Decrease risk of infection
  • Reduce the pain
  • No scars are there
  • Better visible results

The hair follicle channels may be set finely with this procedure that has less scabbing and less bleeding. After collecting and storing grafts properly, our surgeon will prepare for the transplant area intending to place grafts artistically in ways that give natural feel and look. One benefit of selecting FUE method is it will leave minimal scar and does not leave noticeable scars like FUT method.

How FUE is the most successful method

Non invasive

The hair follicles and tissue surrounding have been extracted with a punch device. This may range from 0.7mm – 1.0mm without leaving any scars or wounds. The hair transplant method allows specialists to deliver comfortable and painless treatment.

No scar marks

We do not leave any wound closures without linear scarring after the treatment. Like any other hair transplant method better than UK, this enables to have short hair styles.

Short recovery time

Like other invasive treatments, you can get back to work and your routine life in a short time. The recovery period is short and there will be minimal discomfort at our hair transplant clinic.

Varied donor supply

You need not worry if you do not have healthy donor supplies. By choosing FUE, there will be several areas on the body of a person to take hair from arms, legs and chests.

Optimal hair distribution

Our hair transplant clinic may identify and choose single hair follicles that are great option for the hairline or thick follicles for other scalp areas.

What will be the cost of FUE hair transplant for female in Turkey?

When it is about traveling overseas for hair transplant surgery, the cost is the main factor. Turkey is an affordable destination for Female FUE hair transplant for UK patients due to various factors. Having strong healthcare system, Turkey is among the top countries for medical tourism. It is a suitable place for FUE hair transplant for female in Turkey when you need to do hair transplant or plastic surgery abroad.

You may give us your phone number and our hair transplants team in Turkey will get in touch with you to discuss about free treatment plan and cost estimation.

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We know that not everyone may be suitable for surgical hair transplant due to differences in hair loss which is why we provide other non-surgery treatment for hair loss that sometimes is more effective. For instance, your eyebrow hair may be slightly thin, and this requires laser hair re-growth treatment. Please visit our clinic for more information on how we treat hair loss.

Immediately after the treatment, you can tie up your hair. You need to wait until after 2 weeks to begin use of curlers, hair dryers and other hair heating equipment. As for hair sprays, 4 months should pass before you use them. This is because they will not allow the hairs grow out by blocking the pores. We offer a zero-cost consultation where we can have this discussion.

From consultation to the surgery and into post surgery care, we offer one of the finest hair loss treatment for all our patients.

Part of our aftercare involves washing your hair after the transplant so that germs will not invade them, and to keep the hair follicles intact. Again, you will be expected to have a laser hair growth treatment for a month after the surgery to boost a faster regrowth of your hair. How to maintain your new hair can be discussed when you book a free consultation with us.

Between 6 to 12 months will pass before your hair grows and become thick again. Predicting the duration for which your new hair will look like your existing hair is not possible. This comes down to the present length of your hair and how rapid the new hair will grow. Further discussion on this can be done during a consultation at our clinic.

In 2 to 5 days post treatment, you can resume your work. The hair follicles transplanted will fall out 2 to 3 weeks post surgery. After this time new hair will start growing in a couple of months and it will be permanent.

Symptoms like swelling and redness will disappear between 5 to 10 days time as you heal. If you need more days away from your job you decide.

Hair transplant comes with some non-permanent and common side effects: scabbing, tightness, achiness, and swelling around the treated area. Slight chances of infection and bleeding are imminent. The anaesthetic may trigger an allergic reaction.

We have no hidden cost and no price range. Where the transplantation will be done, how serious the hair loss, and the number of grafts needed determines the cost. Again, transfers and accommodation are provided by our clinic. Give us a call to schedule your consultation or to find out more about the cost of hair transplants for women. We would be glad to help you.

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