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DHI Hair transplant for Women in Turkey

Pen Hair Implant for Female in Turkey

DHI, also known as, Direct Hair Implementation is about hair transplantation which may be similar to FUE hair transplantation with the help of a pen device. It is among the most recent treatments in hair restoration industry which can help in hair density and restore hair loss for men and women.

Being a woman, your hair has a major part in making you feel confident. When you find the hair is becoming thin or patches are falling out, it may make you look unattractive and feel self-conscious. Due to age, it is quite common to suffer from hair loss though it does not need to be permanent. So, there are an extensive range of treatment options available for women to make them look attractive.

About DHI hair transplant for Women

Firstly, we will be extracting donor hair follicles from suitable body part or head hair. Hair follicles need to be extracted under local anaesthetic which ensure you remain comfortable and they can be removed at a time. This ensures you can keep them safely and they are ready for the implementation to attain natural results.

The donor hair will then be inserted into your scalp with a choi pen. The pen is actually an implanter for forming incision into your scalp. It will be placing hair follicle inside which is a quick method than other FUE procedures.

Benefits of DHI hair transplant for Women

  • Less recovery time than the traditional method of hair transplant
  • Grafts are angled for natural direction of hair
  • Higher graft viability in comparison to other treatments
  • Less invasive as incision can be shaped for fitting the hair graft
  • Do not need surgery before the surgery to make DHI the perfect choice for patients who have long hair

How DHI hair transplant for Women is done

DHI hair transplantation can be performed in Turkey Hair Transplants by transferring grafts taken through FUE method to the area with an implanter pen. For FUE/FUT methods, the incisions will be made in your skin by using different tools after extracting the grafts. After this, the grafts are placed in the channels.

In case of DHI hair transplant, the channel will not be opened. When the tip of pen containing the graft penetrates your skin, the transplantation method will be completed by sliding the graft into the skin.

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Right Candidate for DHI Hair Transplant for Women

When choosing DHI Choi Pen method, you have to conduct a detailed examination before the hair transplant surgery. During this stage, the surgery protocol will be applied in order to ensure there aren’t any health concerns which can avoid surgery. The donor site will be evaluated at the time of doing blood tests.

There will be a detailed consultation depending on the age of patient and kind of hair loss. This is extremely important for hair loss and patient satisfaction in case of hair transplantation.

Results of DHI Hair Transplant for female

With DHI, you will be able to attain natural and final results. Since patients don’t have to shave recipient area, there is either little to almost no discernable difference in the postoperative look of patient while new hair grows. In the first few days after the surgery, it is quite obvious to experience “shock loss” when your implanted hair falls out. This is normal part of recovery process.

Your hair will start growing naturally in the next few months and blend seamlessly with the present hair for natural result. The final benefit of selecting DHI hair transplant is the patient can continue their normal activities such as going in sunlight or swimming than with the traditional method of FUE hair transplantation.

Things you need to do before DHI

There are certain points to consider for the candidates of hair transplant in DHI method. These include:

  • Your scalp and hair need to be cleaned and washed.
  • Avoid using some hair styling products such as hair gel, hair spray, etc.
  • Patients have to provide information about their medical record and medicines they are taking at present.
  • Do not take medicines for thinning blood for at least 1 week before the surgery.
  • Wear clothes which you can remove easily from the head at the time of visiting the clinic for hair transplant.
  • Discontinue the habit of consuming coffee, tobacco and alcoholic beverage.

Things you should do after DHI

The post-method period is equally important for the success of DHI. Some things patients need to pay heed after the method are the following:

  • The first washing of hair needs to be done 36 hours later, as the doctor suggests. This is usually done at the clinic.
  • The clinic gives a sleeping pillow at an angle of 15 degree in order to avoid swelling.
  • After the first washing of hair, daily hair washing should be done, as directed by your doctor for the next 15 days.
  • The first washing has to be done at the clinic only while others can be done at home.
  • After washing your hair, drying needs to be done with a clean and soft towel. Make sure you do not put much pressure.
  • Do not use a hair dryer at the time of drying. Cooling mode may be used when necessary.
  • Scabbing might take place on the scalp after hair transplant which will go away in 12 to 15 days. You need to consult with the doctor if they remain after a certain period.
  • Try to protect hair from sea water, pool water and direct sunlight in the first 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Protect the scalp from any kind of external impact and put pressure in the first two weeks.
  • The doctor prescribes certain medications which should be taken at the right time.

Cost of DHI Hair Transplant for Female

The DHI hair transplant surgery differs according to the hospital or clinic where it can be applied. The price is higher in comparison to other micro FUE hair transplantation procedures due to increase labor force and longer duration.

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