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DHI Hair transplant for Men

Pen Hair Implant in Turkey

Direct Hair Implementation or DHI is a type of hair transplant method which can be quite similar to FUE hair transplant by using pen device. We are among the most recent treatments in hair restoration which can enhance your hair density and restore hair loss for men.

For many men, our hair is the major part of our self-esteem and when we cannot control, it can cause hair loss and stress. So, we can help you with a wide range of treatments for hair loss of men. This can help to improve your confidence and overall appearance.

DHI Hair Transplant For Men

About DHI hair transplant in Turkey

The DHI procedure starts with the extraction of hair follicles from donor area which is usually the back of head or other body part. After the hair follicles are extracted, they will be safe for further insertion.

The donor hair is the transplanted in your scalp with choi pen. The pen is an implanter for making incision into the scalp and putting hair follicle into the place. Without forming incisions before the implanting of hair follicles, it can be a quicker way to conduct than an FUE.

How DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey works

Ensure comfort

Our surgeon uses local anesthesia on donor area for removing grafts and follicles. The Choi Pen usually works after the implantation of extracted grafts directly into the scalp.


Our surgeon removes grafts and loads it into Choi Pen needle. The grafts will then be implanted by the surgeon on your recipient area at an appropriate angle, direction and depth for getting natural results


The follicles will then be implanted carefully to ensure better results with Choi Pen on recipient area

The final stage

The surgeon is there with the nurses who work together with hardwork and dedication.

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How much time will DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey require?

The length of the method will differ as per the number of grafts to transplant. Our FUE hair transplant usually requires somewhere between six and eight hours for completion.

Who is the right candidate for it?

The candidate should have strong as well as healthy hair on donor sites so that it can undergo the process of DHI CHOI PEN hair implant. This enables better growth of follicle by means of hair transplantation.

The density, color and texture of your hair is taken into consideration for attaining the most desired results.

The treatment is suitable for the ones who want moustache, beard, eyebrow and transplantation of your front hairline.

During the initial consultation session, our experts will find out which treatment will be suitable for you. We will consider your aesthetic goals and consider several factors which include – your medical record and hair loss for a service that delivers the best possible result.

After DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey

  1. After Direct Hair implantation, the surgeon will advise on appropriate aftercare methods. These will usually include applying ice compress to lessen the risk of oedema, bruising and taking prescribed antibiotics and anti-inflammatories. You should sleep with the head elevated on extra pillows for at least first three days after the procedure.

  2. You need to restrict doing your exercises, avoid alcohol, smoking, swimming and prevent sun as much as possible. We suggest to wait for at least seven days after the final check-up before you wash your hair. This ensures proper healing and taking somewhere between one and two weeks off work.

  3. You can get desired result within 12 months after the procedure. So, the DHI hair growth at the initial stage will be seen in a month after the surgery. The hair will naturally begin to fall out and then regrow in the next three to five months.

Reasons to choose Direct Hair Implementation CHOI Pen transplant

The lessened risk of further damage to your hair follicle by decreasing time when the follicle has been left out of your scalp.

The Choi Pen enables smaller incisions which means less bleeding.

The specialist has control over the direction, angle and depth of follicle implantation which delivers natural result.

The procedure provides more flexibility than FUE method. After the donor follicles are removed, it may either be stored in special solution to improve its development or get transplanted directly into thinning area, according to your requirements.

We will work together to find out if DHI method with Choi Pen is the suitable option for your case. Make sure you ask about the cost of DHI hair transplant in Turkey before undergoing it.

Frequently Asked Questions

DHI hair transplant has guaranteed natural results which occurs with CHOI pen to improve direct transplantation with perfect angle, depth that has great control to deliver natural results.

Other than having cigarettes, consuming alcohol, Green tea, Aspirin, Coffee or any stimulants to avoid for at least 10 days before performing hair transplant procedure.

After hair transplantation and allowing it to grow completely for 12 months, there is no special maintenance you need to do apart from taking good care of your hair.

Each hair transplant method should be performed with your own body hair. The donor area may be the back of your head, nape of neck or a part where hair growth is healthy.

After performing DHI hair transplant, we ensure that the results will be permanent and natural hair will begin to grow within a few weeks. This way, you can have thicker, healthier and fuller hair.

After a DHI hair transplant, there will be a special bandage applied on the head. It will be removed only during the last visit at our clinic of your trip.

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