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Hair Transplant Assessment

Low Cost BHT Hair Transplant Turkey with Guarantee

BHT Hair transplantation is usually done with hair follicles from grafts at the back of head in the Turkey. This will then be transplanted to the area where there seem to be vacant spots. One of the major factors that ensure great result in micro FUE hair transplant is overall density of transplanted area.

When the transplanted density of hair isn’t enough, there will not be any satisfactory outcome.

There might not be sufficient density of hair at the back of donor area or head for specific number of grafts in people having intense hair loss. So, Body Hair Transplant method is about hair grafts transplant taken from the beard, back or chest of a person.

Body Hair Transplantation can be done under local anaesthesia by means of FUE hair transplantation.

The suitability of the person’s chest area for this method can be determined through examination. The result cannot be obtained with this process in people who have minimal donor area in nape.

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About Body Hair Transplantation or BHT Turkey

The hair transplant is about harvesting donor grafts from the back of patient's head. There are situations when the number of grafts harvested from donor area is not at all sufficient. Our surgeon may choose alternate donor areas for the extraction of additional grafts. This can increase the number of grafts transplanted for covering larger area which gets affected due to loss of hair or greater implantation.

Body hair transplant seem to be much more complex as it will need anesthesia to apply on extra areas. The grafts harvested from the areas are a suitable option for implantation on hairline due to cosmetic reasons. Rather, the hair grafts of body can be used to enhance density at the top of crown and scalp.

What body areas may be used as alternative donor sources of hair?

When you use body hair for implantation on scalp, the doctor will be extracting grafts from two specific areas:

Beard (under the chin)

Donor grafts need to be extracted from the beard of a patient which is beneath the chin. This will leave minimal evidence of the treatment after the healing period. If you want to prevent scar of the donor area, then almost 1000 grafts should be extracted at a time. These grafts may be used which adds density at the top of crown and scalp.


There are certain cases when donor grafts should be extracted from chest area. The process is not at all painful and should be performed under local anaesthesia. The area won’t yield large number of donor grafts and can be used only when the other donor sites may be exhausted. Chest grafts can help to improve density on some scalp areas.

Specific features of Body Hair Transplants in Turkey

You will find hairs in different textures and structures in the body parts. They seem to differ from head’s hair for length and shape according to their roots.

The hair other than head hair has different type of curl according to its location. The closest hair to your head hair in beard have one root structure which grow soon like your head hair.

Due to this reason, the first choice for hair transplant of body is transplantation of hair from the beard. It is possible to attain successful results due to hair transplant from beard. The presence of hair in other areas are usually thin which grow slowly and won’t grow much on beard or hair. So the surgeons don’t transplant from these areas.

Right candidate for hair transplant of the body

The surgeons take into consideration certain criteria to decide on hair transplant of the body.

When there is proper density to attain from hair taken from other body parts. The procedure for hair transplant needs to be done with body hair transplant in individuals whose donor area at head back is not sufficient like supply area for hair transplant.

The eligibility criteria for hair transplantation with the body hair will be assessed according to the examination of doctor of the parts where grafts should be taken. When hair density in these parts seem to be good and the texture is closer to hair texture of superior quality, your surgeon will approve body hair transplant for them.

When the two criteria do not meet at the same time, then body hair transplantation cannot be done.

Plan for hair transplant of body and decide on hair transplant

Proper planning before the surgery lies behind Sapphire FUE hair transplant successfully. The surface size of area where hair should be transplanted need to be determined and the number of grafts placed in this area will be calculated with the help of this formula: (desired graft density) x (cm2).

Though the number of grafts taken from donor area may be predicted greatly before transplantation is done, it might be essential to assess operation plan as per the number of grafts taken. The surgeon will decide for hair transplant during this stage when sufficient grafts cannot be obtained from donor area or cancellation when the number is appropriate.

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How can Body Hair Transplantation be done?

The method for body hair transplant will be the same like FUE hair transplant. Local anaesthesia will be applied to donor area. During anaesthesia, the person might suffer from some kind of pain for pain threshold due to medicine and the pain will last for 1 to 2 seconds.

Afterwards, there will be almost no pain at the time of conducting FUE method. The time will be short than the transplant from donor area. It is vital to distribute grafts taken from your body at the time of transplant method among grafts taken from donor area through Micro FUE method.

For example, the grafts taken from your body can be transplanted in specific site. For such case, the area can be seen in a different way as body hair seem to be different from normal hair.

When will my hair grow after body hair transplant?

Hair transplanted through body hair transplant starts growing during the first three weeks like hair transplanted after FUE hair transplant. Following 3 to 4 weeks after hair transplant surgery, there will be shock shed and transplanted hair begins to go away by nearly 90%. The new hair after the treatment begins to grow again in the 6th month. Nearly 70 to 80% of the result can be found during the end of the 1st year. It will require 1.5 to 2 years for full effect to manifest itself.

BODY HAIR TRANSPLANT at our clinic in Turkey

At our Turkey Hair Transplant Clinic, we ensure to deliver realistic results for patients. The patients should not be misled about the number of grafts and the results of hair transplant. Before performing hair transplant, the experts make proper planning of the procedure.

Though the method is aesthetic and what you may expect is vital, it is certainly a great option to seek for recommendations of your doctor.

One of the crucial things to consider in planning is the assessment of your face, neck, forehead and head of patient as well as examining hair follicles. You should discuss in details about all probable results that the patient needs to encounter for realistic approach.

Otherwise, the individuals will feel dejected and you need to ask for professional help from the clinics you may trust upon for avoiding it. The hair transplant surgeons of our clinic need to wait for specific number of grafts from donor area to decide on hair transplantation and direct the entire operation according to the requirement of patient.

For hair transplantation, the members who takes part in the surgery should conduct proper training. The entire process should be dealt by the physicians who have several years of

experience in this field. We ensure guarantee to patients about the criteria that can affect success of the surgery. So, thousands of patients from other countries are treated and successful results can be obtained.

How body hair transplant can be painful?

Mostly, the hair grafts of body may be harvested under local anaesthesia and so, patients need not suffer from any kind of pain during the treatment.

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