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Why You should Choose Turkey Hair Transplant

Why You should Choose Turkey Hair Transplant
May 23,2022

If you are considering an Istanbul hair transplant, then you need to read this.

Hair loss and thinning hair are one of the major problems men and women are facing. Thankfully, hair transplant is here to help. And this option is high in demand.

So, if you have signs of hair loss in some part of your head or hair is falling out in more numbers than before, a hair transplant is a solution. It can restore your self-confidence.

A hair transplant comes as cosmetic surgery. You shouldn't rush into it without first learning what it takes—consulting your doctor to get full assurance that the procedure is right and important.

Having your hair transplant in Turkey is a fast-rising choice, plus it is less pricey than procedures performed in the UK.

Among everything you should know about getting a hair transplant in Turkey is who will be providing this service.

Your go-to should be Turkey Hair Transplants

Why? Your surgeon and their team need to be medical experts with the right certifications and tons of experience to get this all-important procedure done. You can be sure of this when you visit Turkey Hair Transplants.

We have a specialist, highly trained doctor who has performed many hair transplants at our clinic in Istanbul. You will find a fully equipped clinic with high-end modern operating rooms, consultancy rooms, and a great reception area.

Here's the thing. Before having your hair restoration treatment, you will attend a zero-cost consultation with our surgeon, who will determine your eligibility for the procedure.

Next is giving you all the information on hair transplants you need. Our surgeon and their team will ensure you get the best possible outcome by working closely with you.

At our Istanbul Clinic, you may be intrigued to learn that we offer amazing deals that cover your hotel accommodation cost, transfers to and from airports not so far away from Istanbul, and a follow-up appointment with the specialist. You should start booking your flights today.

Okay, why should I travel all the way to Turkey for this?

The cost of a hair transplant is a significant factor that may not allow patients to think twice about this procedure. Most times, the treatment fee is determined by how many grafts are required. The graft number may be more for those whose bald scalp area is large.

Since hair transplant cost in Turkey is likely more affordable than what is offered in the UK, patients often turn to Turkey for treatment.

Talking about cost, Turkey charges less because the country's cost of living is low, including overhead for providing services like hair transplants. So, overall, you get to pay a competitive sum.

This affordability doesn't eliminate professionalism. No, the same hair transplant methods used in the UK are what you get in Turkey. We employ the Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE technique at our clinic - a very popular method used worldwide to get this surgery done.

Still, on everything about getting a hair transplant in Turkey, let us explain what this method involves.

Turkey Hair Transplants methods

The majority of our hair transplant is done using two basic methods: the FUE technique and the DHI technique.

As already mentioned, follicular unit extraction (FUE), is a very common choice of hair transplant.

The surgeon will remove hair follicles from the donor area and have them planted on areas that don't have or have very little hair.

This method is more appealing because our technology lowers patients' chances of being scarred or scabbed. This follows the age and health condition of each patient. And with this, a correct implantation process is assured all the time.

It is noteworthy to mention that the entire process is fast enough to keep the extracted hair active enough until it is re-implanted due to what this procedure involves. In simple terms, the hair that's removed doesn't spend much time outside the body, so the odds of successful surgery is very high.

On the other hand, Direct Hair Implantation, DHI, is quite similar in application to FUE. The thing here is that this method even guarantees a higher precision of the location of replanting singular hair follicles.

The benefit of this precision is a new hair that looks very natural in growth and pattern and matches the already existing hair.

Your outlook

What's most important to patients getting this surgery is the result at the end of the day. They want to see that, indeed, their hair has been restored.

But what you should know about hair transplant is that it takes time for results to be visible, so you need to be patient.

New hair growth is observed anywhere from 3 to 6 months, while the more permanent results are evident in 12 months when the hair has attained a growth of about 1cm in length. But in all, you will see changes - impressive changes in your hair growth sometime after the surgery has been done.

As for the side effects of hair transplants, there are not many effects. Just look out for slight swelling and scabbing. This will likely happen because of the incisions made on your scalp. So as they heal, these experiences may occur. Nonetheless, if you apply appropriate post-care treatment, the conditions will get better in no time.

Consultation is free at our hair transplant clinic in Turkey. If you are interested in our previous works, you can visit our website to see before and after photographs of patients.

Another important notice is that you should consult your doctor before going for any surgery like a hair transplant. The reason is that the procedure is invasive and doesn't come without risks. Again, it is not for persons below the age of 18. Kindly seek the advice of your healthcare provider. For more information, schedule an appointment with us.