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Why People Prefer Turkey for Their Hair Transplant?

Why People Prefer Turkey for Their Hair Transplant?
Apr 26,2022

Turkey is rising incredibly strong for hair transplant procedures, and you just might benefit from their expertise in hair loss treatment.

Lately, the medical tourism industry in Turkey has been a rapidly growing sector, with a higher number of patients choosing the country as their destination for cosmetic treatments.

Just like you may have guessed, a hair transplant is the number one procedure that has attracted the entire world. Both men and women turn to this treatment to resolve thin hairs or complete hair loss.

Some people are greatly drawn to Turkey because of the competitive price of performing a hair transplant.

When it comes to cosmetic treatments, Turkey offers a lower cost due to its low cost of living. This implies that you can get a reduced price for hair transplants compared to procedures performed in the United Kingdom.

Among the leading clinics is Turkey Hair Transplants, known for its highly competitive rates for functional hair transplants in Turkey.

Why choose us?

We have been performing hair transplants for decades.

Our team of surgeons have been committed to this work and has experience in a range of hair transplant methods, including the Sapphire FUE and DHI techniques for restoring hair.

With many certifications from recognised bodies, including ISHRS, we offer one of the finest hair transplant procedures in the world.

Our clinic in Istanbul is armed with a team of expert staff regularly trained on the most recent technology and methods of performing hair transplants.

What is the cost?

Our hair transplant in Istanbul, Turkey comes at an amazingly low cost, thanks to our many packages that reduce cost and make patients' experience a worthy course.

Do you know we can plan your treatment according to your budget? Oh yes, this can be arranged when you book your appointment.

Some of our previous hair transplant pictures can be made available for your perusal to see what patients looked like before and after treatment.

Turkey Hair Transplants packages cover your hotel accommodation, airport to clinic and hotel transfers, and post care services. All that's left for you is book your flight to and from Turkey. Besides, there are legendary locations in Turkey that will take your breath away when you come around.

What is involved in a hair transplant?

There are risks involved in a hair transplant because it is a surgical procedure. You need to keep this in mind. Practically, a hair transplant is an invasive treatment. Speak with your doctor before you make up your mind to have it done.

Should your doctor be optimistic about getting the procedure, please note that you will still discuss with our surgeon, who will tell you all about the surgery and what results you should expect.

At your Turkey hair transplant, either the Sapphire method or DHI transplant method will be used. Any of these two FUE techniques would come in handy.

The technology and method used in the Sapphire FUE method are basically Sapphire. Tiny incisions are made to extract the hair from the donor area and implant the hair again in the bald area. Based on this, the odds of having scars and scabs are minimised.

For any FUE techniques used, the surgeon will carefully extract single hair follicles and keep them safe during the reimplantation process.

The beauty of having an FUE transplant is that it allows for precision as your hair is being removed and replanted to ensure your natural pattern of hair growth is followed and individual follicles are closely implanted.

Having an FUE hair transplant will see you injected with a local anaesthetic. This means you will not fall asleep as the surgery is going on.

Would you like to try Turkey Hair Transplants? It is simple. Just schedule a consultation with our friendly team.


As much as a hair transplant can boost your confidence, be reminded that the procedure is invasive and has its own risks. Patients below 18 years are not suitable for this procedure, so you need to seek the counsel of your healthcare provider prior to receiving the treatment.

Reach out to us today for more information or consultations on hair transplants in Turkey.