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What is The Current Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey

What is The Current Cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey
Jun 06,2022

Our hair is part of what makes us who we are. It is part of our image and what makes us stand out. You can then imagine how a person feels when they begin to lose part of or all of their hair at some point. Hair loss or baldness can have negative effects on a person’s self-image and on the way they see themselves. This is one of the reasons why hair transplant was introduced.

So far, the revenue generated has amounted to millions of dollars from all over the world. Besides the fact that hair transplant has become quite a thing, especially in Turkey, there is a common question on people’s lips: why do people lose their hair?

This question and more will be answered in this article, along with some important tips for medical travel in Turkey for hair transplant.

What is the cause of hair loss?

Hair loss can be attributed to a lot of things, and some of these include the following

  • Stress
  • Pregnancy
  • Side effects of medications
  • Diseases
  • Genetics
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Traction alopecia

The areas affected by hair loss in men are different from those in women. In men, the areas affected by hair loss are mostly the front part of the hair or the middle part of the head. On the other hand, areas affected by hair loss in women are the back part of the head.

Present and future treatment options

People who go through hair loss have experimented with different treatment options like changing their diet and using a different shampoo. Unfortunately, these treatment options do not always work, and as such, you may have to consider other options like the following

  • Hair replacement surgery: this is an excellent option for hair treatment if you do not have any problem with going under the needle. It involves the removal of your natural hair in strips, after which they will be used to fill in the gaps or spaces on your scalp.
  • Laser light therapy: this treatment option can be done in the comfort of your home using hand-held devices. The mystery surrounding this type of treatment is that it stimulates blood flow to the bald area, thus making hair grow there. There is no concrete proof, however, that this one works.
  • Propecia: This treatment method is often referred to as Finasteride. It is an FDA approved drug that works by blocking out the male hormone production in the scalp. The male hormone is androgen dihydrotestosterone, and by inhibiting its growth, the follicles responsible for baldness in men will also be stopped.
  • FUE hair transplant: this is also known as Follicular Unit Extraction, and it is similar to hair replacement surgery. The only difference, however, is that it does not involve making incisions. The grafts of hair harvested are inserted into the hair through tiny punches that eliminate the chance of being scarred.
  • Minoxidil: this is a type of tropical treatment that encourages the growth of new hair and eliminates hair loss at the same time. Although the use of this medication has been approved, it has very serious side effects. When treatment is halted, you can almost immediately lose all of your hair.

The hair transplant industry and medical tourism

The cost of a hair transplant is enough to cause anyone to worry. The cost can be anything from £3000 -£15000 depending on where you are getting the procedure from. This is one of the reasons why people who wish to get the procedure, do everything they can to visit countries where it is more affordable. Turkey and South Africa are popular countries where hair transplant is cheaper as prices range from £1,500. In fact, Turkey tops the list of places to get hair transplants as there are lots of experts available here.

However, one must be cautious when Turkey is the choice. Below are some helpful tips for medical tourists planning to visit Turkey for a hair transplant.

  1. Conduct your research very well

Over the last couple of years, the Turkish currency has dropped significantly due to political and economical instability. The cost of treatment and transportation to Turkey is cheap. This is why people visit Turkey regularly for a hair transplant procedure. Get all your information correct so you do not get stranded or taken unawares.

  1. Be wary of the competition

Although the cost of a hair transplant is cheaper in Turkey than in most countries, you should still be very careful of the clinics you visit. Although the price range for a hair transplant is around £1500 - £4000, some clinics will take advantage of people’s desperation to offer unqualified or suspicious treatment promises. Before you choose a specific clinic, find out all you can about such a clinic.

  1. Verify accreditations

Besides Turkey, any clinic or facility in any part of the world where you will be visiting should be accredited internationally and locally. Check and ensure that they are accredited by a recognized international body and accredited locally as well.

  1. Beware of over-the-top marketing

One way to spot a credible clinic or medical facility is that they do not pay for clients’ referral, nor do they go overboard with their marketing. A medical facility that is not credible can advertise its services through paid reviews or paid referrals. If you find a medical facility you are willing to consider, ask for evidence of previous medical works. If possible, visit them yourself and engage them in a conversation.

  1. Find people with similar problems

Before searching for a clinic or medical facility in Turkey, it is always better and safer to find your stage of hair loss using the Norwood scale. It is equally better to identify and connect with people who have the same problem as you or people who have experienced the same thing as you. This way, you can find out what it is like for them and how they have dealt neither the situation. Finally, you can ask for testimonials from patients who have experienced the same thing as you.

  1. Ensure guarantees

Before you make a payment or commit fully to a medical facility, ensure that the physician who will perform the surgery is the same person quoted. In some cases, quoted physicians pass the hair transplant job down to their less experienced junior staff or assistant. This can expose you to complications.

  1. Verify the credentials of the surgeon

Before you schedule an appointment for the procedure, ensure that the surgeon has been certified by the relevant body in the country and is allowed to perform the operation. Although very few surgeons are certified and listed as ISHRS doctors (International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery), ensure that the surgeon performing your hair transplant procedure is certified as such.

  1. Verify the procedure with pictures

It is easy to say you are good at what you do by just word of mouth, but it is not very easy to confirm the same expertise with concrete proof. If you must go with a medical facility, ask for before and after pictures from previous procedures. If they are proud of what they do, they should also be willing to showcase their work in different stages, namely, pre-surgery, post-surgery, months after surgery and two or three years after surgery.

While asking for these pictures, also verify their authenticity by looking them up on google to see if they are duplicate pictures.

  1. Be wary of online reviews

It is possible and very easy for business medical clinics to put up fake reviews online to boost recognition and make it seem like they are proficient. For this reason, you are advised not to believe everything you see online. Conduct your own research about the facility, and visit them to ask your questions personally. If there is any reason to be concerned, do not follow up and choose another medical facility.

A hair transplant procedure is not something you should do in a facility that is not reputable or reliable. You can contact us at Turkey Hair Transplants for more details and for consultation.