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How Long does a Hair Transplant Surgery Generally Take?

How Long does a Hair Transplant Surgery Generally Take?
Apr 28,2022

Undergoing hair transplant surgery is a huge step. There are many questions about the procedure that help you to choose the hair transplant.  One question at the top of most people’s minds is how long does hair transplant procedure takes and if hair loss will still occur after the procedure.

The information below answers these questions.

The first step is analysing the hair loss and other factors such as the condition of the hair follicles, hair structure, and frontal hairline. These factors are essential in determining the duration of the procedure, alongside the size of the area requiring hair transplant and the number of grafts extracted.

If the balding area is small, you can complete the procedure in one session, but if the area is extensive and the donor area is not efficient, you may need up to three sessions.

What are the variabilities of the hair transplant sessions?

The number of sessions needed to complete a Turkey hair transplant procedure depends on the hair type. If your hair is dense and your hair strands are thick and strong, you may need one session. However, if the hair strands are weak, thin, and sparse, the number of sessions will be more. The surgeon’s experience can also determine the number of sessions required.

How many hours does a session take?

A hair transplant session takes about 6 – 9 hours. If only one transplant session is required, the session may exceed the maximum nine-hour period. This duration applies to the FUE hair transplant technique. This technique is common and can allow the transplantation of about 3000 – 4000 hair follicles per session.

Does transplanted hair fall out?

New hair transplants do not fall out, except for the temporary and one-time hair loss due to shock loss.

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