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Hair Transplant Via FUE: Outcome with Various Time Duration

Hair Transplant Via FUE: Outcome with Various Time Duration
Apr 25,2022

For a beautiful hair restoration for receding hairline and thinning hair, the Follicular Unit Extraction, FUE technique is highly effective. However, optimum results are achieved by those who upped their post-op care. Anyone who undergoes a hair transplant will require time to recover, heal, and grow new hairs. We are often asked, "how long does it take to see hair transplant results?" and we would answer this question here.

How much time does hair regrowth take post-FUE hair transplant?

Right after your hair transplant treatment, your new hair outline becomes very visible; however, recovery is not an instant thing; it takes time because it is a gradual process. In fact, you may need about 12 months before your final outcome is noticed.

Let's break down the recovery process into a couple of days/weeks, including the side effects and how to handle each.

0 to 7 days after the FUE procedure

Hair transplant is such a wonderful procedure that once you are done with treatment, the outline of your new hair will be noticed. However, that is not the final treatment outcome. At this time, the hair follicles have just been replanted and whatever you see is transient - the process of recovery takes time, and it is only then you may begin to precisely determine what's it's going to be. Scabbing may be expected after a hair transplant. This forms around the newly replanted hair grafts. You will be given a spray to apply on the area to keep this in check. However, the scabs will be minimal, and healing will quickly happen in a matter of days. Another side effect may be swelling on the donor site (the back of the head) where the hair was taken. As for the swelling, it doesn't last - in a few days, it will subside. There may be some redness on the treated area, and patients may get sore in that area, but pain medication can help.

Your surgeon will explain how to care for your hair after the transplant. The aftercare list may contain actions like raising your head during sleep and the best time for a hair wash after transplant. Please, do well to keep to these guidelines, and you will see the donor area and transplanted area healing correctly.

Work resumption may be in a day to two for some patients. Others may choose to have a full week off work to feel better if they work under stress or if their office was not informed about the hair transplant.

Don't lift heavy weights - give yourself a minimum of 10 days off heavy weight lifting; stay away from activities or temperatures that can make you sweat too much, for instance, saunas and steam rooms.

Another useful tip post-surgery is to avoid consumption of alcohol for about 7 days. This can hinder blood circulation to your scalp and hinder the healing process of your newly transplanted hair.

14 days after the FUE procedure

Your transplant is still fresh. Hair loss from the treated area may be experienced. While this is expected and a usual side effect referred to as shock loss, your surgeon will tell you what to do. A shock loss means your old hairs are falling out, and your new hair follicles are embedded.

3 to 5 months after the FUE procedure

After 3 months of this treatment, the changes you will see may not be significant. You will experience shock loss. In this condition, you lose naturally existing hair because of the transplant. After this experience, the growth rate for your new hair will just be 1cm every month. This means that you need more time for the new hair results to attain your projected reality. Moving forward to 4 and 5 months, your hair growth must have improved so well that you can now begin to picture how the final outcome will be. The recommended post-hair transplant care should be followed religiously - this should take up to 18 months, so you have a lot of work to do. During these months, the hair in the donor area must have regrown completely.

1 year after the FUE procedure

After a year of hair transplant, your newly acquired hair will be growing just like other natural pre-existing hair. When you have attained 1 year following the procedure, you can dye or trim your hair.

Remember that hair transplant results can become very significant after about 18 months.

2 years after the FUE procedure

Using the FUE hair transplant technique aims to achieve durable outcomes - the procedure itself is a non-temporary solution to hair loss. Between a year to two after treatment, people will not be able to tell that you have undergone a hair transplant. On your part, you will have all the hair you need to make it into whatever style of choice.

Would you like to know more about getting better after a hair transplant with the FUE technique? You can book a consultation with us.

Why you should come to Turkey Hair Transplants for your treatment

Our hair transplant surgeons are experienced-personified with the finesse to perform FUE. And yearly, they treat a growing number of men having hair loss.

Understand that FUE is a less invasive procedure; no strip is cut. Patients get local anaesthetics before undergoing surgery. Most patients distract themselves with TV shows or sleep throughout the treatment.

No stitches will be needed post hair transplant, meaning recovery time is shorter than when the FUT technique is used.

Our surgical tools are delicate to ensure your scalp is not excessively hurt. With our highly practised and precise methods, our surgeon will ensure the donor area is preserved after treatment and there are no obvious signs of scarring.

You can keep short or long hair after FUE because it doesn't come with a straight line scar at the back of the head like it's expected when FUT is done.

Before the transplant, our team will check the donor area and carefully handpick the best blooming hair follicles for replanting.

The outcome of your treatment will be more natural following the technique of transplanting your hair in its natural growth direction.

Do you professionally offer a long-hair hair transplant called U-FUE (unshaven hair transplant)? Yes, our clinic is one of the few providers of this type of hair transplant. This option is for clients that don't want to shave before the surgery. However, you will be advised during your consultation with us to know if you qualify for a U-FUE. If you have injuries or scars from surgeries done in the past, they could be treated. Even if you have done the transplant before and are not satisfied with the outcome, come to us for more treatment to improve on what you have. Whether it is a poorly done FUT hair transplant or other unprofessionally done hair transplant methods, we have a specialist team that can correct all of these. Also worthy of mention is that at Turkey Hair Transplants, our surgeons can use hair from your body if there is no healthy, strong hair on your scalp. Thanks to our expertise and high-end modern technology. We would work with you to achieve a realistic outcome for your hair transplant.

Need treatment for hairs on the face, eyebrow, and beard? We offer this too. For more information on how long to see hair transplant results, plus other important details you would like to know about our hair transplant, feel free to contact our friendly team of hair surgeons. You will have all the answers you need. Don't forget; we are Turkey Hair Transplants.