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Hair Transplant Turkey: The Different Types

Hair Transplant Turkey: The Different Types
Apr 23,2022

For premium quality hair transplant performed by one of the finest senior cosmetic surgeons using advanced methods like FUE, DHI and FUT, and at competitive rates, your go-to should be Turkey Hair Transplants. Our hair surgeons have certifications from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, ISHRS. With this, you can be sure of having a senior expert surgeon take care of your hair restoration needs.

What we bring:

  • Decades of combined surgical experience
  • Free aftercare via phone or email for a year
  • Clinic locations in London and Istanbul

Options for hair transplant in Turkey

If you need a reliable hair transplant operation, Turkey Hair Transplants is the best place. You can pick a hair transplant type from the many different options available. But you should get to know how the different types work. This knowledge will help you choose the best option for your hair restoration needs.

Hair transplants in Turkey are of three basic types:

  • Follicular unit extraction (FUE)
  • Sapphire FUE
  • MicroFUE
  • Long-hair FUE
  • Follicular unit transplantation (FUT)
  • Direct hair implantation (DHI)

Follicular hair extraction, FUE

The finest type of hair transplant in Turkey was done by highly experienced surgeons. The hair follicles are removed from the back of the hair one by one. This makes the method a slightly invasive and very safe type of hair transplant.

As for Sapphire FUE, the only difference between this and the standard FUE is the device makeup used in creating microincisions. Usually, FUE uses a device made from steel or titanium. In contrast, the Sapphire device is made from sapphire itself hence the name.

When it comes to microFUE, we mean the end of the device used in extracting hair follicles from the donor area. There are different sizes of the device end: 0.6 mm to 1.0 mm. The size used follows the thickness of your hair follicle. For more information, consult our surgical team.

Long-hair FUE is the go-to for clients that need a rapid procedure that will allow them to resume their activities in 24 hours. It is also called the fully non-shaven FUE. Here, there is no shaving of hair follicles. Based on this, the surgery needs to be carefully and precisely done. This makes it the slowest type of hair transplant procedure. Typically, a procedure is done between 2 to 3 days.

Follicular unit transplantation, FUT

This ranks #2 in the most popularly performed type of hair transplant procedure. In the US and Europe, it is very common. Another name for FUT is the Strip method.

FUT is different because a linear strip of hair-carrying skin is extracted from the donor site rather than individual hair follicles. But the donor area is left with a non-temporary scar.

It is a strong belief among most doctors that the extra fat tissue accommodated around the extracted strip of hair follicles keeps the grafts alive for a long time. The reason is that the fat tissues supply sufficient energy for the hair cells to stay alive until they get completely bonded to the skin – which may be completed between 4 to 5 days.

Direct hair implantation, DHI

Of all the types of hair transplants, this is quite a recent method chiefly adopted by clinics using technicians in place of licensed surgical experts. This is so because this method is simpler to learn than the first two. Please note that it is embroiled in the FUE procedure, but its implantation process is different. How? The technician uses a pen-implanter instead of forceps to replant the hair.

As for post-procedure hair growth, DHI lacks scientific backings showing it leaves improved outcomes behind. If your hair will grow back very well, it depends on how experienced your surgical team is.

How much is a hair transplant in Turkey?

This treatment costs less in Turkey than in Europe, the US, and the UK. But not all clinics in Turkey charge the same for hair transplants. Why are there price differences? What should you consider before picking a hair transplant clinic? Let us find out.

Many Turkey clinics ask for different fees because:

  • If the clinic is staffed by an experienced doctor, your treatment will cost more
  • Should the doctor participate fully in the surgery, treatment cost rises
  • If the doctor has accreditation from internationally recognised bodies, including ISHRS and ABHRS, surgery costs will be high
  • Should the clinic treat a few patients daily, your payment will increase
  • When your choice clinic has a doctor who doesn't get actively involved in the surgery, your fee reduces
  • Should the clinic own technicians rather than doctors, the price would drop. However, this practice is illegal in Turkey and many other countries

Overall, your best care odds come down to how much experience your surgery team has. Please be careful not to find ways to lower costs without being sure that the provider will offer quality treatment.

Number of grafts

Clinics run by technicians

Junior doctors

Senior doctors


1,500 GBP

2,000 GBP

2,600 GBP


1,600 GBP

2,100 GBP

2,800 GBP


1,700 GBP

2,250 GBP

3,000 GBP


1,750 GBP

2,350 GBP

3,200 GBP


1,800 GBP

2,500 GBP

3,300 GBP


There are no hidden costs at Turkey Hair Transplants. Our transparent pricing policy carries an all-inclusive package that covers transportation from the airport to the clinic, hotel accommodation, a committed patient coordinator, and complementary treatments.

Paying for hair transplant in Turkey

Most clinics would prefer you pay upfront to have your surgery date booked down. You get to pay the balance on the day of the surgical procedure.

As for payment of the balance, credit card or cash payments are accepted. Note that some clinics don't like to pay tax and, as such, may charge an additional 18 per cent on payments with credit cards.

What about financing options? A few clinics offer payment plans to help patients with their hair transplant fees. These clinics are well known in the UK and other countries in Europe. Need to know our payment plans? Consult our friendly team.

Consult Turkey Hair Transplants for free!

Yes, it is free - our consultation is at zero cost, and you get to speak with senior cosmetic surgeons at our clinic. If you like an in-person consultation, visit any of our clinics. We also offer online consultation if a face-to-face meeting is not convenient for you. Reaching us is very easy.

What result should I expect post hair transplant?

There's always a significant, impressive change in a patient's hair growth and condition after experienced surgeons must have performed a hair transplant. Notwithstanding, it is still essential for you to get the transplant to know what kind of outcome can be realised and obtainable.

Although hair transplant has medical proof of efficacy, patients should understand that it is confined to medical boundaries.

8 steps of getting a hair transplant Turkey

  1. Be sure you're eligible. Sadly, everybody may not get a hair transplant treatment. Consult verified clinics to know if you qualify.
  2. Pick a surgery date. Most of the time, a hair transplant done in Turkey takes one day to complete. So, you should be in Turkey a day before surgery and can go home the next day after surgery any time after 1pm local time.
  3. Carried out by a senior hair surgeon accredited by ISHRS, it can take between 4 to 7 hours. You can have either FUE, DHI or FUT hair transplants.
  4. Post-surgery care and flight home. The next day after surgery, patients get their hair washed and cared for - this is the first care. You can fly home the day after surgery at 1pm or after 1pm local time.
  5. First 2 weeks. This is the duration of your first recovery. Don't swim, expose yourself to direct sunlight, or wear tight caps around your head. Expect falling off of scabs at this time.
  6. After 3 months. This marks the completion of the passive phase. In 3 months, watch out for gradual regrowth of new hair.
  7. After 6 months. At this time, about 40 per cent of your new hair has matured. Significant changes can be seen here.
  8. After a year. Should it be a front hairline transplant you had, lookout for a complete outcome during this time. But it may take another 3 to 4 months to have hair fully covering the crown and top areas of your head.

Who can get a hair transplant?

Everybody? No. Some factors will decide if you are good enough to get a hair transplant. They are:

  • How old you are
  • Your degree of hair loss
  • Your type of hair loss
  • Any present health issues
  • Your outlook

Let us discuss these factors in more detail to better understand when considering if you are qualified for a hair transplant procedure. We begin with:


World-class surgeons won't do hair transplants for people below 25 to 27 years. Loss of hair is rapid during the early 20s, and it doesn't improve until the late 20s. Keep to heart that even the donor area has a limited number of hair follicles. Based on this, you should wait for hair loss to be stable so that the limited hair follicles can be maximised effectively.

For patients in their early 20s, we recommend using medications to cut off or reduce the rate of hair loss. Even those in their early 30s who may be having serious hair loss may look in the direction of medications to deal with the problem.

Degree of hair loss

Your hair loss may not be the same as others. For some men, hair is lost just along the hairline, while hair growth is less on top of their heads in others. Hair transplant is an effective treatment for men classified as Norwood scale 2 to 4. For more on the Norwood scale, speak with our doctors. Even under Norwood, 5, people have gained tremendously from this treatment, though they had very good hair from the donor area.

Type of hair loss

You can find correction in hair transplants for males and females going through a male pattern hair loss. For other hair loss types, a hair transplant may not be good. Find out about these by consulting our medical team.

Health conditions

Should you be diagnosed with these health issues, you may not be a suitable candidate for a hair transplant:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Pre-existing skin disorders


Be as real as possible. Hair transplant seeks to provide solutions to hair loss according to the age of patients. Regardless of how highly our services are spoken of, FUE and FUT procedures are not magical.

Why hair transplant cost is lower in Turkey

Turkey's currency is weak compared to the US dollar, Pound Sterling, Euro, and other powerful world currencies. The overhead for clinics is low. This is why you can get affordable yet high-quality hair transplants in Turkey.

The sweet part is that the surgeons in Turkey are one of the finest globally. They have experience and expertise.

Post-surgery care after flying back to UK

The common issue of not having contact for aftercare and support that travellers face is eliminated at Turkey Hair Transplants. Our follow-up care is up and ready for a year after your initial hair transplant. We also provide in-person consultation to talk about your post-surgery care at any of our clinics. What's more? You get all these appointments for free!

Increased demand for Turkey hair transplant is proof that Turkey is reliable

Great weather conditions, beautiful beaches, and quality hair transplants add up to what makes Turkey a dream destination, thanks to the great number of specialist doctors and surgeons. The Ministry of Tourism in Turkey knows of the rise in the number of hair transplant procedures in the country. They have put stringent measures that protect anyone who gets this treatment in Turkey.

Your visa arrangements are simple

Absolutely easy to get a travel visa to Turkey. It takes some online quality time, and every other thing will be handled. You don't need to visit the embassy. That's not all. Do you know that people living in around 80 countries require no travel visa to Turkey? This is true.

Travel safety for all visitors

Is Turkey safe? Yes. Compared to London or Paris, Istanbul is relatively safer with fewer threats. And as for our tourist attractions and premier hotels, there is good security.

Customer service based in the UK

We pride ourselves on our ability to predict your outcome precisely. With our friendly and focused patient consultants, you can be sure of full support from start to finish of your hair transplant. We take time to clearly answer all questions asked by patients, including the types of hair transplants in Turkey. This means the beginning of a successful treatment for us.