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Hair Thinning: 5 Possible Causes

Hair Thinning: 5 Possible Causes
Apr 19,2022

Men lose hair at some point in life. And though it's a bit usual for men, women also lose hair. Medically, loss of hair is called alopecia. Possible reasons for alopecia include genetics, unbalanced hormones, type of hair braids, medical procedures such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy, and stress. Should you just fold your hands and allow hair loss to ruin your beautiful looks? Not at all.

Should you be seeking a solution to hair thinning as a woman, we have professional surgeons at Turkey Hair Transplant that can offer functional solutions. These treatments are different depending on your hair loss condition, individual outcome, health history, and what you qualify for. Our doctors will find the perfect treatment for you.

So, what are the likely causes of hair loss? Let's quickly discuss this.

  1. Age. Body processes slow down as people grow older. This includes hair production. Yes, the follicle producing hair becomes weak at a certain age and doesn't produce hair anymore. Signs of this problem include loss of hair colour and receding hairline in females. Once you notice that your hair is thinning female, you can start receiving treatment, and it will have a great effect. Just like what you get from anti-ageing formulas, hair thinning is a process that can be lowered significantly. Ageing must not come with a haggard look; you can age well with healthy hair and a great appearance.
  2. Haircare products and styles. Without knowing, you may be the cause of your own hair loss by choice of hair products and braids. Do you know that toxic chemical formulas for hair treatment, including relaxers, perms, sprays and gels, can hurt your hair, making them brittle? That's not all. There are certain products whose toxicity is so much that they seal up your hair follicles and stop hair growth. So, it is advised that you choose hair products carefully.
    Have we talked about hairstyles? This is another subtle cause of hair thinning. When you wear a hairstyle that is too tight on your scalp, it weakens hair strands. Be careful with tight-fitting ponytails, braids and other styles; they can cause hair loss.
  3. Hormonal imbalance. There are important hormones in our bodies that support the growth of hair. Men, as well as women, have these hormones. When these hormones are excessively present or absent, it can cause thinning of hair. Most of the time, when this imbalance is corrected, hair can start growing again. Interestingly, aside from the hormones estrogen and testosterone being unbalanced and causing hair loss, thyroid problems can also trigger loss of hair.
    Correcting your hormonal imbalance will see your hair growing all out again. This comes with a positive feeling about yourself.
  4. Deficiency in vital nutrients. You may begin to lose hair when your diet doesn't contain some vital minerals and vitamins necessary to maintain steady hair growth. Hair follicles are triggered to function properly when you eat iron-rich foods and take supplements like folic acids.
    Not only does nutritional imbalance cause hair thinning, but it also leads to severe problems in the immune system and general health. Eat healthy foods complete with essential vitamins and minerals. This will ensure your hair grows strong, thick and healthy. Dieting tips and prescriptions supplements can be advised when you visit our Turkey Hair Transplant clinic.
  5. Excessive stress. Aside from the mental and physical strain, stress does not encourage the body's production of new hair. Even the existing hair can be lost due to stress. How? It can make the hair brittle very early in the growth cycle. Your hair doesn't complete the anagen (growing) phase when it becomes weak and falls out. You will see your hair falling out more often than expected by combining both factors.

Most of the time, people know too well that reducing activities causing stress is good but are not aware of what should be done to minimise stress levels. So, it is more of "much talk" and "less action". Seek the counsel of your healthcare provider. They should be able to help offer stress-relieving solutions in the form of advice or treatments.

Are you prepared to get rid of hair loss?

If you have been asking, "what are the reasons why my hair is thinning as a female?" the above factors we believe have opened your eyes to why you are losing hair.

Please note that everybody is not the same. This means that what is causing your hair loss is different from the cause of the next person's hair loss. Based on this serious fact, we usually subject our patients to an intensive diagnosis to determine their hair loss's exact cause(s).

This way, we can provide a customised treatment for your hair thinning problem. We also discuss your medical history, lifestyle and what you hope to get out of the treatment. Working together and aided by our highly advanced hair loss treatment methods, you can rest assured that your thinning hair issue will be gone. Do schedule an appointment with our friendly team to see how we can help you.