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Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplant in Turkey

Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplant in Turkey
Apr 09,2022

Hair transplant surgery is one of the most common procedures in Turkey, and Turkey is widely known for excellent hair transplants treatment. Many people travelling to Turkey for hair transplant surgery often ask the following questions about the procedure. 

How long do I have to remain in Turkey for hair transplant surgery?

You need to remain in Turkey for at least two days after the procedure to have a successful hair transplant surgery. Some people carry out the procedure on the same day they arrive in Turkey, provided they arrive on an early flight. If you arrive in Turkey at later hours, you will have to rest until the next day for the procedure. 

The procedure for hair transplant in Turkey includes:

  • Before the procedure, the doctor will go through your operation plan and hairline design, and then the medical team will prepare you for the procedure. 
  • After the hair transplant, the doctor will wash and clean your post-op hair. During the washing and cleaning, they will remove your bandage, and then give instructions on how to care for your scalp when you return to your country. The aftercare instruction will provide you with sufficient aftercare information on what you should expect after the procedure
  • You will start the post-transplant hair washing three days after your surgery. Ensure you follow the hair washing instruction once daily for ten days. 
  • After your hair transplant, the doctor will check the condition of your transplanted hair and your health
  • After the transplant, you need to rest for a day before flying back to your country. Most patients prefer to remain in Turkey for 3 – 4 days to rest or travel around Istanbul

Can you transplant hair from other people?

No, you can’t transplant from anyone else except you have an identical twin. The grafts will be from your scalp or any other part of your body with hair. The root of your hair cells have live cells, and similar to other cells in your body, your hair cells have a unique genetic code. If your body identifies a different genetic code from the transplanted hair, your body will reject the transplanted hair. 

Can a hair transplant fail?

The number of hair transplants is low, and hair transplant failure is unlikely if the patient is healthy, follows the pre and post-operative instruction from the surgeon, and if the surgeon selects ideal hair for the transplant. 

Undergoing a hair transplant from an experienced surgeon with a professional team increases the chances of a natural-looking result. 

A successful hair transplant depends on adequate planning, which involves the determination of the hairline to match the patient’s facial lines. However, hair density in the donor area and hair quality are important factors affecting the procedure. 

Hair transplant treatments are now carried out with DHI and FUE techniques which are modern techniques with a higher success rate. 

Common reasons for hair transplant failure include:

Mishandling the grafts 

The most important factor for a hair transplant procedure is having sufficient grafts to harvest and transplant to the balding or thinning area. An experienced surgeon will take extra care to remove the risk of damaging the grafts during the transplant.

Mishandling the grafts may make the transplant die of trauma or shock after the procedure. Placing the hair grafts correctly is also important, and it requires a special skill that takes a long time to acquire. 

Being unsuitable for hair transplant treatment 

Undergoing hair transplant surgery when you are not a suitable candidate for the procedure may lead to transplant failure. If you undergo a hair transplant at a clinic that doesn’t assess the hair loss situation and future hair loss, your transplanted hair may not look great after a few years. 

For inquiries and other questions about a hair transplant treatment, including how long does hair transplant surgery take? Feel free to contact Turkey Hair Transplants today on 020 7371 9175