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Does Result of Hair Transplants look Natural?

Does Result of Hair Transplants look Natural?
Apr 13,2022

Properly done hair transplants by an experienced surgeon using the right technique are undetectable and appear natural. Many people have undergone a hair transplant procedure, but you can identify most people because the result is usually natural. 

The initial hair growth will occur in the first two months following the hair implant procedure. The transplanted hair is not gotten from someone else or a wig, but your natural hair from a donor area with full hair. This makes the result look more natural than many people expect. 

The transplanted hair's growth rate, texture, and colour will be the same as the natural hair. Like when you cut your nails, and it grows back or when the scabs from a burn or cut clear for new skin underneath to grow, your transplanted hair will grow thicker and longer, looking like natural hair.

The new FUE hair transplant technique performed in recent years is usually successful, leaving no scars behind. This technique gives the most natural result and doesn't leave scars like the FUT transplant technique, making FUT a revolutionary method in hair restoration.

In many cases, it's best to opt for a doctor recommended by people who have had a successful and natural-looking hair transplant. Getting recommendations from family and friends and checking the doctor's reviews online can help you find a doctor who will carry out a good job.

When you trust an expert for a hair transplant, you are more likely to achieve a natural result and reduce the procedure's risks. An inexperienced doctor can leave you with several side effects, even more serious than unnatural hair.

Ensure you avoid illegal centres and unlicensed surgeons for your hair transplant. 

Why will a hair transplant look unnatural?

A hair transplant may result in unnatural-looking hair for the following reasons.

  • The hair follicle transplantation doesn't match the direction or exit angle of the natural hair

    Everybody has different hair patterns, hair directions or exit angles. What seems natural for one person will look unnatural for other people. The surgeon should design the frontline to fit the patient's face. This can be achieved by analysing the direction and exit angles of the hair, then transplanting the follicles to match the person's pattern.

  • Using donor hair from other parts besides the back of the head

    Using hair from other body parts like the leg or chest may affect the natural appearance of the hair.

  • Implanting fewer or more grafts than required

    The surgeon needs to determine the number of hair strands for each cm2 in the donor area and transplant about the same number of hair strands for every cm2 to the transplant area.

    The hair follicles contain varying numbers of hair and are scattered randomly. Some follicles may contain a hair strand, while others contain four hair strands. The surgeon needs to follow this pattern to distribute the hair follicles during the transplantation.

    While transplanting the frontline hair, the grafts should contain single hair stands as the natural hair in the frontline.

  • Failing to follow the surgeon's aftercare advice

    Adhering to your doctor's advice for aftercare will aid in better-looking results and faster recovery. If you don't follow your surgeon's advice, the risk of an unsuccessful treatment will be higher. Besides these factors, you can have a natural-looking hair transplant.

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