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Could I Do More Than One Hair Transplant?

Could I  Do More Than One Hair Transplant?
Apr 03,2022

If you are thinking of a long-lasting solution to hair loss, it is a hair transplant. But people are often led to believe that there is no need for you to have another hair loss treatment after one hair transplant procedure. This is a myth that should be debunked because individual hair loss cases differ.

There are patients whose hair restoration requires more than a single treatment for a full recovery. Here in this article, we are talking about how many hair transplants can a person have. But first, let's consider how effective hair restoration is. 

Is a hair replacement actually effective?

Today, there are more hair loss treatments available. The methods available now are even more advanced than what was obtainable previously. But among these solutions, the follicular unit extraction, FUE, records a higher success rate than other hair restoration treatments. And it is this technique that we at Turkey Hair Transplants employ.

In an FUE hair transplant, the surgeon selects suitable hair from a part of the head. Typically, the hair needed for transplant is located at the back of the head or on the side. These two areas have hairs with varying features. And they are called donor areas. After ensuring the donor's hairs are just what is needed, the follicles are extracted and replanted on that part of the scalp where the hair loss is visible, like the crown and hairline. The hair will keep being transplanted for a long time to come because the donor's hairs are of significantly finer quality. This is why not just any part of the body qualifies as a donor area. The essence of a hair transplant is to provide durable new hairs.

Thankfully, FUE hair transplant offers a lasting hair restoration that looks more natural, and the procedure is very successful. Should you qualify for this procedure, you are in for a treatment that brings peace of mind.

So, do I need to repeat a hair transplant?

Certain persons may achieve full, thick hair with all the glossiness in just one hair transplant procedure, which can last for a very long time. However, if an individual will need two transplants to attain these same hair conditions, does it make them abnormal? No, it doesn't. As a matter of fact, it is quite usual to see people undergo two hair transplants in their life. 

The patterns and rate of hair loss are not the same for everybody. One person may need one transplant, and another may require two. It all comes down to what your hair loss is like. Your doctor will determine if the desired difference in your hair appearance and feel will come from having the procedure once or twice. A consultation will guarantee what you will get.

As a clinic with highly experienced surgeons and experts, we define what each patient gets from an intensive consultation. We first evaluate your suitability for the procedure and talk about your hair loss and the changes your hair has undergone over time. This analysis can predict your hair loss pattern as you keep living, even after performing your hair transplant procedure. What happens during our consultation is better experienced than said, but it promises to be one of the best medical consultations you have ever had.

What about patients that are very young or do not have serious hair loss? For this category of persons, predicting their hair loss pattern later in life is not easily done. Again, it becomes difficult for our surgeons to future proof your hair transplant (more on this later in the article). Consequently, you will require another hair transplant much earlier than expected.

Defining a hair transplant future proof

A hair transplant is done at our clinic, considering that you may lose hair sometime in the future. So, we future proof your FUE hair transplant. How? Our surgeons will plan and set out a hairline that doesn't only look natural but realistic enough. They will also see that excessive donor hair is not used for the procedure. Why? We try to provide for a likely second hair transplant while doing the first and so keep some part of the donor's hair just in case a need for it arises.

Hair loss may keep happening as you grow older. This implies that your hairline will remain in place due to the transplant; however, behind this, the loss of hair may worsen. Each time we perform a hair transplant, our surgeons will place hair grafts away from the new hairline to give your hair a natural appearance for as much time as it can last. But with time, hair loss may become more serious and would make it necessary for you to get a hair transplant for the second time.

What is the number of hair transplants you can get?

A clinic with a good reputation will determine not more than two hair transplants for you throughout your lifetime. They don't stop there; they also see that you achieve a hair transplant for the second time. This is why you should always visit a good clinic. The benefit is having the best consultation and the best possible treatment.

Occasions arise when a patient requires a second hair transplant but cannot get it done because of a previous, poorly done hair transplant. Again, it is possible to get a clinic abroad with affordable transplant rates. Still, they don't consider the need for a hair transplant in the future when making plans for the initial transplant. The implication of this could be that you lack sufficient donor area hair that could suffice for another hair transplant. 

It is now a two-way factor: donor hair and type of clinic. As much as possible, try and get to a reputable clinic for the best outcome of a hair transplant. 

Our final words...

We offer a consultation that puts you under no obligation to use our hair transplant services. So, if you are in for Hair Transplants in Turkey, book your appointment with us. It doesn't matter whether this would be your first or second hair transplant. Our methods are up-to-date, and the technology is superb. If you are interested in knowing more about hair transplants and all that is in it for you, don't hesitate to contact our friendly medical team. We would see to it that you are well taken care of.