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8 Reasons Why Turkey Hair Transplantation Stands Out

8 Reasons Why Turkey Hair Transplantation Stands Out
Apr 15,2022

Hair transplant is a very common procedure in Turkey. A lot of men have undergone this treatment. You will know this because they carry red dots on their heads. The hair transplant industry boasts of over a billion-dollar value. Studies have shown that over nine hundred thousand hair transplants were performed worldwide in 2010. And Turkey seems to have a strong footing in these procedures. Just like anyone would wonder, what is the reason behind the ever-increasing choice of Turkey for hair transplants? See 8 reasons for choosing Turkey Hair Transplants.

  1. Cost! Cost! Cost! Yes, a hair transplant has never been an easy cosmetic surgery because of the associated cost. Take Europe and U.S, for instance; a hair transplant in these countries using the follicular unit extraction, FUE method will set you back between $7,000 to $25,000. But in Turkey, the complete treatment, including your stay in a hotel plus transportation, will see you spend between $2,200 to $7,000. This will follow considerations like how many grafts are required, what technique will be used, the surgeon and the clinic where the surgery will take place. So, Turkey offers this invasive treatment at a competitive price compared to what other countries charge.
  2. High-end hair transplant methods. The more popular hair transplantation technique Turkey surgeons use is the FUE. Why? This technique comes with less post-treatment pain, and patients heal faster. Again, the scars from treatment are inconspicuous, and the surgeon won't have a need to use sutures, staples or scalpels. Compared to follicular unit transplantation, FUT, where a skin graft is removed, FUE involves taking single units of hair follicles from the donor site and replanting them singularly where there are little to no hair.
  3. Consistent surgical improvement. They are all over Istanbul - hair transplant providers. This serious competition has made surgical centres in Turkey steadily update their technology, techniques, patient care methods, and clinic facilities to provide top-class services only. Even we at Turkey Hair Transplant have one of the finest hands and facilities for this procedure, which is why we are a top choice.
  4. All-inclusive packages. Clinics in Turkey have put in a great deal of effort to topple each other, and the outcome has been positive - highly advanced quality in everything hair transplant. What we mean by an all-inclusive package is an all-expense paid transportation from the airport to the hotel, accommodation in 5-star hotels, air tickets and many other zero cost coverages. Still looking for more reasons to choose us for hair restoration, the next set of points will get you all excited.
  5. Highly qualified surgeons. You can't talk about hair restoration without mentioning Turkey; this is because of well-trained cosmetic surgeons' availability. We are talking about professionals with specialist knowledge, tons of experience, and expertise in up-to-date technologies and treatment methods. This is very important for the best outcome in hair transplant. And you can be sure of this kind of excellence right here in Turkey.
  6. You can't be on a waiting list! When you need a hair restoration in Instanbul, no clinic will keep you on a waiting list. This is not like what is seen in the U.S. or Europe. There are many accredited and premier clinics in Turkey to see you as soon as you walk in and commence treatment if you are a suitable candidate. This means no delays for you and quick recovery times. You can have your hair back with full confidence as quickly as possible.
  7. Geopolitical location. Turkey stands between Europe and Asia, bringing patients from the nooks and crannies of these regions. Even from the Middle East and North Africa, many patients travel to Turkey for this treatment. Obviously, Turkey gets more demand for hair transplants and provides an increased number of solutions.
  8. An excellent centre for tourism. Of the over 37 million tourists that visit Turkey, around 270,000 require surgery which is why they visit. Because Turkey is home to tourism, these patients can recover in top choice attractive destinations. This way, they can enjoy high-quality treatment and enjoy their stay in great places simultaneously.

Still in doubt?

You should book an appointment with us today for a hair transplant to understand fully what we mean when we say we are one of the finest hair transplant surgery providers globally. When it comes to why choose us for hair restoration, we believe the above reasons are compelling enough. But if you are not satisfied, let's have you for a hair transplant, and we are certain you would be impressed. Remember, we are Turkey Hair Transplants and are all about providing an excellent experience.